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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Isle of Swords Treasure Hunt Extravaganza!

Might Ye Be Lookin' Fer Treasure?

Do you like to solve mysteries?

Do you like to hunt for hidden treasure?

Would ya' care t'hit the high seas on a noble mission fraught with danger?

Do you like to talk like a pirate? Arrrrr....

And, finally would ya' care to help a brother out?

Beginning today, I'm embarking on a journey, and I'm hoping you'll come along for the ride.

Announcing the Isle of Swords Treasure Hunt Extravaganza!

Your mission, should you choose to--ah, you know the rest--is simply this accumulate the Most Treasure Points possible by Christmas 2007 by completing any and all of the tasks listed below:

Treasure Points Tasks Key

5 Treasure Points:
•Mention ANY of my books in a blog thread--your blog or someone else's--post the link in your comment.
•Recommend ANY of my books to someone you know--say who it was.
•Post a link to my blog anywhere on your blog--then, post the link here.
•Post a review of any of my books on a non-review site like a blog, school page, etc. Post a link here.

10 Treasure Points:
•Write a review of any of my books on Amazon or any online review site. Post the link for the review once it's up.
•Post cover artwork from any of my books on your blog and make it a link to Amazon or CBD. Post the link in your comment on this thread.
•Post a link for my book's Amazon or CBD page on your blog. Then, post the link here.

20 Treasure Points:
•Write a review of any of my books and post it on three different online review sites. Post the link for the review here once it's up.

25 Treasure Points:
•Recommend ANY of my books to someone you know--say who it was. And then, this person chose to buy the book!
•Spot ANY of my books in a bookstore outside of the state in which you live. Post here to let us know where and when.

50 Treasure Points:
•Buy a copy of Isle of Swords and post when and where you bought it.
•Buy any of The Door Within Books and post when and where you bought it.
•Write a review of ALL of my books and post ALL of them on THREE online review sites. Post the links for the reviews once they're up.
•Buy a copy of any book by one of the Fantasy Fiction Tour Authors: Sharon Hinck, Bryan Davis, and Christopher Hopper.
•Create an Amazon Listmania List that includes The Door Within Books and Isle of Swords.

75 Treasure Points:
•Go to a store that does not carry my books and special order it from that store.
•Go to a store that does not carry my books and persuade them to carry any of my books. Then, post here to tell us what store has now agreed to carry my book(s).
•Buy any of my books and donate them to your church library. Then post here to say where you bought them and what church received them.

100 Treasure Points:
•Buy a copy of ANY of my books for the Youth Group Leader of your church. Post a comment here to tell who, when, and where.
•Buy one copy of EACH of the Fantasy Fiction Tour Authors: Sharon Hinck, Bryan Davis, Wayne Thomas Batson, and Christopher Hopper. (4 Books total) Post here to say where and when.
•Buy both of Christopher Hopper's books: Rise of the Dibor and The Lion Vrie. Post here to say where and when.
•Buy both of Sharon Hinck's Sword of Lyric Books: Restorer and Restorer's Son. Post here to say where and when.

400 Treasure Points:
•Buy The Door Within, Rise of the Wyrm Lord, The Final Storm, and Isle of Swords (ALL FOUR of my books). Post here and tell where you bought them and when.
•Buy all of Bryan Davis's Dragons in Our Midst Books (4) Post here to say where and when.

Note: Each of the preceding MAY be repeated as many times as you like.

Note #2
: Each of the preceding must be performed from this day (September 18th, 2007) forward. But, upon further review, I have decided to allow contestants to count THREE past book purchases for Treasure Points. So, if you bought The Door Within, Rise of the Wyrm Lord, and The Final Storm last year, you can count those three, but no others.

Note #3: To claim ANY Treasure Points, you must post a comment on THIS thread explaining how you accomplished it.

Note #4
: I may add to the list of Treasure Point Tasks at any time--and likely will because my twisted mind is always churning...

Note #5
: Keep track of your own Treasure Points. I will keep a running tally in my sidebar and try to update it every week or two. But you should keep your total as well.

Note #6
: You cannot kill several birds with one stone. Make sure you indicate in your post how many Treasure Points your accomplishment earned you. In other words, you can't buy one copy of The Door Within, count it for 25 points and then count it AGAIN once you buy the whole series 100 points.

Note #7
: Any and all of the requirements are subject to change as I see how this develops. I want to keep it fair.

To the Winners Go the Spoils:
('s what you can win)

The Top FIVE Adventurers who accumulate the Treasure Points will receive a signed book of their choice. AND for each of the top 5, I will name a character* in my next fantasy series after you. That's correct: I'll use your real name, your username, or a character name you create as a character in my new fantasy series. Of course, if your name is Bob, we might want to go with something a little more fantasy-ish.

For the #1 Treasure Points getter, I will give you one copy of every new book I write...for LIFE. That means, should the Lord allow me to live long enough to write all the stories rattling around in my head, you will get a signed copy of each one sent directly to you. Of course, if you move and don't give me your new address, then…someone else will be getting all those books. Doh!

*No Guarantee that your character won't get killed off in some horribly unpleasant manner.


Unknown said...

Hi Wayne from Fiji. Our family brought your Door Within trilogy with us when we moved from Australia 2 mths ago and have begun reading it aloud at a local orphanage, much to the enthralled kids' delight! I'd read the series to my two kids, but found my husband regularly slipping in to join the nightly reading. He didn't like to miss out LOL. Took two months but created some great talking points and certainly strengthened our faith (Never Alone!) as well as my vocal cords. Love the idea of the treasure hunt, and we'll be ordering your pirate series soon. May I suggest you try reading your books aloud - some of those lines are tongue twisters! The series would be awesome put onto CD complete with sound effects - I'm sure they'd be great sellers. I know it would be handy at the orphanages!!! Kerrie.

Anonymous said...

NO WAY! So cool!

Anonymous said... again. I wrote an entry about my cruise on my's a long entry, but there's a pic of me ( offense), and I mention the Isle of Swords. The link is

It's near the bottom of the entry...if there's a picture of a teen sleeping, it's me, and I mention your book.
(The sleeping and the book have nothing in common, mind you!)

Unknown said...

OH!! This looks so so cool!!

I just received my copy of Isle of Swords in the mail to day (THANK YOU WAYNE!!), and once it's read I'll do reviews. I need to do a review of TDW, too...this will be awesome!!!

Stephen Dean said...

Now I must complete my WTB library!

Question regarding the rules. As you know I already own The Door Within (you signed it when I met you and the Fantasy Four in Charlotte). I know I can't count that purchase. However, Lifeway (where I'm planning to purchase my copy of Isle of Swords) is giving a copy of The Door Within with purchase of the new novel. This isn't exactly a purchase of The Door Within, but would it count as such for the Treasure Hunt. I don't want to be caught cheated by my favorite sword wielding author. Might be detrimental to my health. :-)

Unknown said...

So doing this, that review needs to go up, no more laziness. Me need some treasure points! Heh Heh! I have a copy of Isle of Swords, I have lost count of how amny times I have reccomended this book to people. What I do not know is if they took my reccomendation into consideration. Cool fans from Fiji! Hi Kerrie, nice to see you, wow that's awesome that you read it to an orphanage. You rock!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Here I be, m'lord. I just posted on my blog: I mentioned Isle of Swords and I posted a link to your blog, so I think that would give me 10 points? (5 for the mention of the book, 5 for the link to your blog). Aye? The link is:

I had a question about one of the things under 10 points. One of them is: "Post cover artwork from any of my books on your blog and make it a link to Amazon or CBD. Post the link in your comment on this thread."

If we posted cover artwork with a link to Amazon or CBD for ALL of the books, would we get 10 points per artwork? Or 10 points total?

Unknown said...

Way cool! Now I HAVE to buy the books. :)

Unknown said...

I know, really. I only have one left to buy, though...The Final Storm

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir Wayne. Does one have to complete everything in each list to earn the points? Such as in the 100 points lists it says buying all the books and one for your youth leader will earn you 100 points. If you only buy all the books do you only get 50 or none? Or do you have to do both in order to get the points? If that wasn't confusing...

everlastingscribe said...

Oh what a clever clever capt'n you are! My hat is off to you sir! Though I am now disqualifying myself from this event. It just wouldn't be fair to everyone else ;)

I've sold 14 copies of your book in the past 3 weeks, we are going to have you in for a book signing and I am now officially (be afraid) the source for all things related to you, your books, and fantasy in general, at work. I'll be watching this treasure hunt with delight however and remember all ye scurvy dawgs, the race is to the swift!

Unknown said...

Wayne, you've been posted:

5 points for mentioning your name in a blog post.

5 points for linkage.

5 points for recommending your books to my local librarian, Gabby.

10 points for cover art pics.

10 points for Amazon links.

=30 points for Eve Nielsen.
Not a bad start, eh?

Unknown said...

Here's that link again:

Unknown said...

Ok, I just posted a review for The Door Within (book #1) on three different websites:, B&N, and CBD ... but the ones for B&N and CBD won't show up for a couple of days. *cries* Ah well, I'll post the links anyway. In a couple of days you can check them out and verify the reviews.



Once you're able to verify them, Wayne, that will be 20 points.

Unknown said...

Hey, Wayne! I just finished making a present for you! You can find it in this post on my blog:

I know you're busy and don't have a lot of time to get on the DIOM forum. With my mod powers, would you like me to put it in your signature on the DIOM forum for you?

Unknown said...

Oh man, did anyone hear the news, Robert Jordan died today, I know this is off topic. But any Wheel of Time fans, may want to know! Sadly he never finished the final book.

abernoodle said...

Ello! I was a student of Mr. Batson and he ROCKS! I own all of the Door Within trigonally, and it is really good. Even my 22 year old brother liked it. I look forward to isle of the swords!!

Kayla said...

Anyway we can write a paper and get points for it?

Anonymous said...

hey from buffalo, New York.
5 points for recommending your books to my friend Christian.
50 points for buying the door within
50 points for buying The Rise of the Wyrm Lord.
50 points for buying the Final Storm

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hello to all who have responded already. Good show! I'd like to clarify by responding to the queries:

1. Kerrie: You ROCK. You took my books to FIJI? Too cool. And I am humbled to know that you are reading them with orphans. I pray that these youngsters will know that the One True King has a mission for each of them. And I've thought about doing podcasts and such. I do a decent bit of voice work and would love to do some serious audio of my stories. The trouble is: time.

2. Brett: Yes way.

3. Brett #2: Thanks for the picture link!

4. Pais: you are welcome! Thank you!

5. And Yes, Todd, if you get the Isle of Swords, DW two for one deal, you can count it as a DW sale.

6. Justin, just remember, all recommendations, tasks, etc. have to be between 9/18/07 and 12/25/07!

7.Pais: It would be 10 points per artwork and link. (40 points if art/link for all my books)

8.No pressure, Eve! ;-)

9. Melissa: not sure if I understand what you have asked. However: you don't have to do every task under the heading of 100 points to get the 100 points. Each task under the head EACH one gets you 100pts.

The one thing you cannot due is "kill two birds with one stone." You can't buy Isle of Swords and get 50 and then buy the trilogy and get 100 also. NOTE: I've changed the points for buying all 3 DW books and Isle to a higher amount: 250pts.

10. Scribe: I understand, and thanks.

11. Eve, methinks you have 45pts.

12. Will, don't forget to include where and when you got the books. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Sweet!! *goes off to make a new blog post*

My total thus far is 30 points ^_^ I'll have more in a few minutes.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I'm back!!

Wow, this is fun.

40 points - This blog post,, has four book covers with links to CBD.

50 points - I just created an listmania list, which includes all three TDW books as well as Isle of Swords. The link is:

40 points - On my side-bar I listed all three TDW books and Isle of Swords, providing links to Amazon this time:

Total is now 160 points. For now, muahaha...

Unknown said...

This is way too much fun.

Ok, I just posted in my friend's blog, the post can be found on this thread:

I have a question about this one, Wayne. I mentioned The Door Within as a trilogy, not all three individual books, and I mentioned Isle of Swords. Would I get 10 points, or 20?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Wayne. Yes, you answered my question. I have recommended your books to 4 of my people. :D My brother, Eric; and my friends, Ashleigh, Brin and KayLynn. So, that's 20 points. Then I mentioned your books, your blog and a link to buy them at CBD at my shoutlife:

And my xanga: latest blog.

I believe that 50 there. Total is: 70, I think...

Oh and I would put a book cover on my sites, but I don't know how. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, can we post a link in our signatures on forums and earn points that way? If I win a book buy one of the authors, doesn't that count as a purchase even though I didn't purchase it? :p That's almost like the 2 for 1 deal, except it's 1 for 0. :p

Unknown said...

*gasp* I just figured it out - IT'S FOG!!!! *tackles* Hey'a FOG! 'Tis me, ILH :D Glad to see you've found your way to m'lord's blog. Much fun can be found here. It's a great place to hang out.

Isn't this contest amazing? I'm having way too much fun with this.

Ooh, I should post things on my shoutlife too and get extra points. Huzzah!! I'll do that tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Lol! *falls over and quickly gets up* Hi, ILH!

Yes, I'm enjoying the contest too. :D

Anonymous said...

This is too cool! *sigh* Too bad I don't have a blog, and already own the DW trilogy. Nor do I have accounts set up to do reviews...except perhaps I could do Amazon because Mom [i]does[/i] have an account set up.

Oh! *snaps fingers* Sir Wayne, what if we were to write a review on a website that isn't first and foremost a 'review site'? Would that still count as writing a review?

Unknown said...

50 points - I bought "The Secret Life of Becky Miller" by Sharon Hinck 9/19/07 at the Lifeway in Lynchburg, VA.

50 points - I bought "Renovating Becky Miller" by Sharon Hinck 9/19/07 at the Lifeway in Lynchburg, VA.

My total is now either 270 or 280, depending what I got for posting on my friend's blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey, yo', uh...Sir Wayne, can I buy one of your books for a friend and get points? Can I also buy a book for my church instead of the youth pastor and get 100 points?

Anonymous said...

Oh and I mentioned your books to my friend Dani. She has 2 of your books...needs the third one and didn't know of Isle of Swords. She does now! I didn't know if she knew or not... So that's 5 more, right?

Unknown said...

What if I were to buy your books (or Christopher's, Sharon's, or Bryan's) and donate them to my church library?

Unknown said...

10 points - I just told two of my friends, David and Jennifer, about Isle of Swords and I told them about this contest :)

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hi, All

I won't be updating nightly--more likely every week or two. But I've added buying a book and donating to church library at 75pts. Hope that helps.

And Melissa, any book you buy--for a friend, for whomever counts as 50.

But I'm adding an upper point total if anyone should be so bold as to buy all my books. See the changes on the post.

And Lystar, the review on Amazon is the best thing if you can use your mom's account. I've added review on non-review site, like a blog for 5pts.

You guys rock! By the way, while I know you don't want competition, please do tell everyone who might be up for it about this contest. The exposure and blog traffic are what I'm after.

Never alone.

Shae said...

Hi Mr. Batson! 'Tis Shadow from the Dragons in our Midst forum. I posted my points on there...But it's added up so I'll post them here also:

5 Points = Added a link to your blog in mine

5 Points = Mentioned the books in my blog

45 Points = Recommending (and telling about the contest) the books to my friends Brienna, Hailee, Heather 1, Heather 2, Jacqueline, Katie, Lydia, Mia, and Rachel.

That's 55 Points total, correct?

Anonymous said...

I just recommended your books to my friends Hailey, and Chris. I also reccomended it to my mom.
My blog:
I mentioned your books, posted a link to your blog, I posted cover art for all of your books, and posted a link to one of their Amazon pages.
I reccomended the book to Chris and he bought The Door Within.
I saw your books in a Christain bookstore when I was down visiting my grandma this weekend in Florida.
I bought Ise of Swords and the paperback edition of Rise of the Wyrm Lord and The Door Within at the Christain bookstore this weekend in Florida. I also bought The Final Storm there too for my friend as a birthday present there.
I also bought Rise of the Debor by Christopher Hopper this weekend at the same bookstore. (I had to get alot of books for back to school.)
So I'm guessing I got 540 points?

Unknown said...

Mention books (x2) - 10 points
Cover art with link to Amazon - 10 points

Love your stuff, Tom!

Paul Rose, Jr.

Unknown said...

Ellie, 540 points?! Okay, who invited her anyway? *walks off in a huff to do more posting* :)

Unknown said...

Uh ... Wayne invited her. Blame him :P

Anonymous said...

45= telling my friends about your books. Chelsea, Shina, Tiffany, Tracy, Tyla, Sara, David, Kendy, Shandra

All for now which makes my grand total. Wow! 45! I'm feeling dangerous now ;)

Anonymous said...


5= Link to your blog from mine

10= Link to CBd list of your books

That makes 60!

Here's my blog site

Anonymous said...

Alright, I've got reviews pending for all your books on Amazon, CBD, and Barnes & Noble. Actually, on Amazon I used my mom's acount (Cora Connelly) and she already reviewed TDW, but none of the others. Not sure if that counts then or not, but if it does than it adds up to 60 points (20 for each site).

Anonymous said...

I need links, don't I? The actual links are too long to type out, so I'll just tell you how to get there. for amazon, go to Then specify 'books' as your search and type in 'The Door Within'. This will give you access to all the Door Within books. Look up their reviews and mine should be up front. Then search item 'Isle of Swords' to see Isle of Swords. You can do the same thing on and, except there you just specify that it's the title of the book. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I figured out a way to make my reviews acceptable even with the whole deal on TDW on Amazon. Make each review its own worth ten pts. Scratch the 60, it adds up to... let me count this up... 110 points! 10 for each review on Amazon (total: 30) 10 for each on CBD (total: 40) and 10 for each on B&N (total: 40).

Anonymous said...

here's the link to an Amazon Listmania referencing all four books:
That's 50 pts., equalling 160 so far, and still counting!

Anonymous said...

One last addition, I told my friend Noel about TDW and IOS. That makes 165 points so far!

Anonymous said...

Ok, 170. I posted this site on a friend's blog;
Sorry these are so strung out ;)

Anonymous said...

So, Mr. Batson, with all due respect, are you suggesting that those among us who greatly enjoy your books and, like true fans, bought all of your books as soon as possible, are to technically lose points because we already possess your books and thereby cannot sensibly buy them a second time? What I mean to say is, why do former purchases not count as "Treasure Points"? Thank you.

WayneThomasBatson said...

I've updated the totals. Well done. I'm stoked to see the field of adventurers growing.

And anonymous: you should go into politics. Quite a persuasive spin you've put on your request. But what I'm trying to do is build new buzz for the books.

Still...I don't want to discourage fans. See my changes. ;-)

The one thing I cannot due is allow past Blog entries/reviews/etc.

The Writer said...

I have got all of your books. Is that 200 or 400 points? Sadly, I bought all of the Dragons in our Midst books last spring, so I can't count those. :( Also, I mentioned all of your Door Within books in my blog: reviewing good books lately) so that would be another 15 points, right?

everlastingscribe said...

Ah, me hearties how proud I be of every man jack! That's the way to do it now, put heart and soul into it! I just sold out for the second time this month of "Isle of Swords" and had a lovely talk with a customer about supporting the local Christian Bookstores. Also, you should be aware that the capt'n isn't the only one inviting more scurvy dogs into the contest! I'm telling everyone that comes in and buys one of his books about it, plus fans that all ready have his books!


everlastingscribe said...

Oh and by the way, capt'n, I haven't forgotten to finish and post my review of Isle of Swords ;) but this wedding and mail out has for all practical moments of freedom, consumed me.

Unknown said...

Per your new note:

50 points for buying The Door Within at the Barnes and Noble in Richmond VA back in July 2007.

50 points for buying Rise of the Wyrm Lord from CBD at the beginning of September 2007.

Unknown said...

I just remembered, I bought TWO The Door Within books at the Richmond signing. So that's an extra 50 points.

And check out this site for another 40 points:

Just scroll down to the bottom under "Christian Books" and you'll see all four cover art with links to

That gives me a total of 480 points!

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool Mr. B! Thanks for the change of rules! That brings my total to 320 points. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I got The final storm at CBD in april 2007.

So 110.

Anonymous said...

For the new points above, I bought the Door Within series as quickly as I could. It was at CBD and Amazon. Sorry, I can't remember enough to be too specific. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mr. B! I reviewed your books on Target, Walmart, and Sonlight (a christian home-schooler's forum) That's ten points for each review of a book, and 5 for giving a link to your blog on Sonlight. That's 120, making my total equal 440! Here's the links:

Door Within books:
Isle of Swords:



Note: My mom introduces me on the sonlight forum.

Anonymous said...

sorry, it's actually 125 points from the blog reference, making my total 445.

Unknown said...

20 points - I just did THREE more reviews of The Door Within.



Family Christian Stores:

My total is now 500 points.

everlastingscribe said...

:-D Go JC! remember too that you can review books at places like Shelfari and Books Well Read. Where book nuts, I mean, book lovers hang out.;)

everlastingscribe said...

All right Pais Charos! Very cool indeed!

Unknown said...

Yeah, and I'm almost finished reading Isle of Swords, so I'll be posting reviews for that soon! :D

Last night I read a very scary part...

Anonymous said...

Poor Padre..... :(

Anonymous said...

80 more points, ten per review:
Family Christian Stores:

Lifeway stores:

My new total, 520

Unknown said...

Poor Padre and Anne...*winces* I had to consciously push those images out of my head before I could sleep...

Anonymous said...

Torture!!! I'm not listening!!!

everlastingscribe said...

:-D Yeah, if I didn't have a great deal of fondness for the capt'n there might have been some shin kicking over that scene. ;)

I've threatened to do that to another author of my acquaintance and he just grinned and thanked me for the compliment, because it meant he'd accomplished his goal of making me care about his characters.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I wasn't too fond of the capt'n when I read that scene. Oy.

Which other author was this? One I know perhaps?

Holli said...


You mentioned that you bought all of the DIOM books. What about the Oracles of Fire books? Eye of the Oracle is currently out, as is Enoch's Ghost.

everlastingscribe said...

:-D You might, It's George Bryan Polivka author of "Legend of the Fire Fish" and " The Hand that Bears the Sword"

everlastingscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
everlastingscribe said...

Oh hey, I have an idea! But I don't want to kidnap this particular comment string cos people are going to be posting their treasure points here and I have no desire to make the capt'n's job harder than it all ready will be. Tell you what, I'll post my idea over on my blog (how original) and whoever is interested can check it out there.

*okay, the idea is up* ;)

Unknown said...

5 more points for telling my friend Allen about Isle of Swords.

My total is now 505.

Anonymous said...

Another 50 points for a listmania reference:

That gives me 570 total!

Anonymous said...

One last addition for today. I reviewed each book in TDW series at this link:
That's 30 points, giving me 600! Ya-hoo!

Anonymous said...

More points! However, at this site you can only do ratings, not detailed reviews. Not sure if this counts or not, but I reviewed all the books. Here's the links :-)!

If they count, each of those is ten points, making 640 total. Oh, btw Scribe, thanx for the suggestions, but I don't have accounts on those sites. Too bad!

Unknown said...

Okie dokie...:D

60 points - I posted reviews for Isle of Swords on NINE different websites, so that's 20 points for every three. Here are the links:


2) CBD:

3) B&N:

4) Target:

5) Lifeway:

6) Family Christian Stores:

7) Shelfari:

8) Books Well Read:

9) Walmart:

(keep in mind, some of these won't show up for a few days).

20 points - I posted a review for The Door Within on THREE more sites:

1) Shelfari:

2) Books Well Read:

3) Walmart:

So, I now have a total of 585 points.

Anonymous said...

More reviews!
TDW review:

RWL review:

TFS review:

IOS review:

Books Well Read:

TDW review:

RWL review:

TFS review:

IOS review:

That's another 80 points, giving me 720 points now!

DragonRider said...

Hi Wayne
I really have enjoyed all your books and have told all my freinds about them (Kathrine, Katrina, Allyson, Beverly, and Hannah).
I even lent Allyson and Kathrine my copy of "The Door Within" and they enjoyed it.
I have read "Isle of swords" twice so far.
Dragon Rider
P.S. My dragons also enjoy your books.

DragonRider said...

Forgot to tell you I was just loking around the library and I saw two of your books. When I check out I told them that I really enjoyed thoses book and was glad that they got them.

Dragon Rider

Brian Tubbs said...

Okay, Wayne. Just bought "The Door Within" from Family Christian Stores in Mason, Ohio. Purchased today, 9/24. (I posted this info on the SFF forum as well). So, gimme my 50 points. :)

Anonymous said...

More points!
Reviews on Albiris- 40 points

10-review of TDW*listing*title

10-review of RWL*listing*title

10-review of TFS*listing*title

10-review of IOS*listing*title

That's all, giving me 760 points!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Batson! Love your books, and the message they convey. I just finished Isle of Swords and I'm already anxious for the sequel. Let's see, for Treasure Points, I bought The Door Within trilogy all last year, and I bought Isle of Swords at Borders on Wednesday Sept. 19. So i guess that's 400 points. and I'm new to blogging and posting things onto blogs (or onto anything else for that matter), so i have a question: i wrote a review for amazon. to post the link on this blog, do I just copy and paste the link from my URL?
if so here is the link for the review from amazon

for the review on

i also wrote one on barnes and noble but i don't have the link for that yet

Anonymous said...

I submitted IOS to be added to this site:
Not sure if that counts for anything ;-) I'll review it when it comes up!

Anonymous said...

Hello Misster:Wayne.My name is Derek,Rains,and I have bought all of Bryan's books so far as Enochs Ghost that i bought on 9/25/07 at Barnes and Noble and the first five i got on 7/24/07 at Books.A.Million and thats 400pts for the first 4 books,but i plan on getting your books too they sound very cool,and i would love too add them to my other books,and i love to read alot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne!! Paige here! Yeah so i just started lookingat your site and I'm happy to say that i actually have All three of your Door Within Books, i read one in the book store and fell in love with it! I think that was back on...6/3/07 (My birthday). I bough the first one then and the other two shortly after. Also i have all four of the Dragons in our midst series by Bryan. I just recently bought them and just finished the fourth yesterday afternoon. I'm not 100% sure how your doing the points but if I'm thinking correctly (please tell me if I'm not). Then that should be 400 for each set, right!? please let me know!! Im praying about the movie, and can't wait to start reading your pirate series!

Anonymous said...

Oh Paige again! I left our where I got my books...I got them at the Family Christian Stores in hickory NC! And does me telling my friend Brittnay about the door within and letting her read it count!? Also i know of another great auther, that you and some of your fans might enjoy. Her name is Donita K Paul, she also writes dragon fantasy books. You may have heard of Dragonspell, it's the first book in her series. You would probably love her books!!

Anonymous said...

So i posted a few reviews:



I think thats 10 points each!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr.Batson, so i just told two of my class mates (Kelsey and Shalaka) about your book.

I think thats 10 points....right!?

Unknown said...

Hey, I saw your books at my local Christian bookstore, where they had a deal in which I could buy Isle of Swords, then get The Door Within for free. I took the deal. I had heard good things about it, so I finally decided to act on them. I did not regret it. From the start of Isle of Swords, I was hooked and I haven't looked back. The very next week I bought Rise of the Wyrm Lord and The Final Storm. So, this gets me 400 points, right?

Anonymous said...

My name is Hannah. I'm new to the contest. Well, here's what I've done:

*mentioned all of your books in a listamania on (under Christian fantasy/pirates) by the name of Lucy (50 pts.)
*wrote a review on on Isle of Swords, under the name of Lucy (10 pts.)

*mentioned all four books on my family's blog (
(so I think that's 20 pts.)

*I recommended your books to my youth pastor last Wed. (5 pts)
(he's borrowing mine and reading them)

*posted a link to your blog on my family's blog. Here's the link to my family's:

*I have all four of your books--My family gave Final Storm to me last Christmas (06) from Christian Book Distributers, they gave me The Rise of the Wyrm Lord and The Door Within for my birthday (Jan. 19, 07)-also form Christian Book Distributers. My mom ordered Isle of Swords on August 31 from Library Educational Services. So, if all these count that should be 400 pts. right?

So, if these all count, I should be at 490 pts.

And I have one question: can my brother and I work on this together?? (Like can we both recommend them to our friends and count the points together?) Thanks! This is so cool! You're my favorite author!

Unknown said...

I need to do a review for Rise of the Wyrm Lord.

I'll do it tonight.

And instead of counting it in threes, I'm gonna count 10 points for each review I post. You get more points that way :D

I'll be back later.

Anonymous said...

ok, so not having all the reviews up was driving me crazy so here they are:

1) CBD:

2) B&N:

lets see if i looked correctly thats 10pts each so...50 i think...the other book of your series and bryan davis's are already on here. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr.Batson!
I posted reviews for the final storm and the door with on amazon.
Also, I recommended your books to my friend Allie.
So that means I have 25 points to start!
Lindsay West

Anonymous said...

I created a listmania on amazon that includes the door within books and isle of swords! That means 50 more points for me!
I have altogether 75 points!
Lindsay West

Anonymous said...

I just bought Isle of Swords at the Lifeway store yesterday and I bought Raising Dragons by Bryan Davis there. So thats 100 points

Sapphira Adi said...

50 points for buying The Door Within at last year. I hope you know that you are one of the best authors ever!

Anonymous said...

400 points: buying all 4 books
1275 points: reckomending all 3 in trilogy to 17 friends, does this count?Is this fair? what do I do for a book report?Books are all great!!

Anonymous said...

I be the anonymous un with 1675 pts sorry bout that. my mum kelly bin e-mailin ye just needed to be puttin the name straight

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Batson
Do we get any point if we write a book report on one of your books, or bryan davis'!?

I'm planning on doing one on all 7 that i have (your 3 DW, and Bryan's 4 DOIM) so would those get any points at all!?

ShoopTroop said...

Have some more points to record.
*Recommended all four of your books to a neighbor (20 pts)
*recommended all 4 books to a friend at church (20 pts.)
*recommended all 4 books to six friends (120 pts.)
*recommended 4 books to 3 friends
(60 pts)
*recommended Isle of Swords to a friend (5 pts)
*recommended 4 books to 2 family members (40 pts)
*recommended 4 books to another family member (20 pts.)
*recommended 4 books to 2 more neighbors.
So, with past points and these combined, I should be at 815 pts. total. Thank you for having this contest!! This is so cool!

ShoopTroop said...

Just wanted to note that the shoopfamily entry is mine (Hannah) sorry about the slip up with names :)

Anonymous said...

reccomended all 4 books to three more people-300 points
that makes a total of 1975 pts. yay

Anonymous said...

oh for my reccomendations most of the people i told decided to probably get at least 1 of the books.:)

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hello again all! This is just a checkpoint posting. Please see the sidebar for new totals as of 10/20/07.

I think there has been some misunderstanding of the rules, seeing as how I made them clear as mud.

I've tried to read through what you've claimed to get to what you meant. ;-)

If you have a question about how I scored you, post it on the Treasure Points Update Post 10/20.

Never alone!

And keep up the good work.


Shae said...

Hey Mr. Batson!

I saw you changed the rules for buying the books in the past...So if I bought all 3 Door Within books a while back, they count for the whole series? How many points would that be...?


Shae said...

One more question, sorry!

If we recommend all 4 books to a friend, then is that 20 points or just 5?

Anonymous said...

i reccomended all 4 too 16 people

chandon- will buy isle o swords-40
katie- didnt want any-20
peter-wants 2 and isle- 60 pts.
melisa- didnt want any-20 pts.
jaden didnt want any- 20 pts
cameron w- all- 100 pts.
casey-didnt want any- 20 pts
jordan- all-100 pts
tanner p- none- 20 pts
ryan- 1 and 2- 60 pts.
calli- none- 20pts.
tanner h-1 & 2- 60 pts
lauren- 1&2-60 pts
lindy-1&2-60 pts.
cameron h-isle o swords-40 pts.
mrs. young- #1-40pts.
that is 760 pts
i also ordered all 4 dragons in our midst 20 minutes ago at 400 pts.
all equals up to 1160pts.
my new total is 1875pts.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure we are doing this right, but here goes. We just got back from Barnes and Noble. We talked them a month ago about carrying your books. They did. They ordered in Isle of Swords but not DWT. When they say that Cody (13yrs old) was using his own money to purchase 2 full sets of books for friends and our church library, they really took notice. So they told us they would ordering the rest in. They wanted to put them in the back under Christian children's book. We said that would be okay but it needs to be in the front window. After all he will be the next Tolkien or Rowling. (Okay who am I kidding he is BETTER)
So we have 75 points for persuading B&N to carry WTB
800 points for purchasing two full sets. Not to mention the Isle of Swords the day it came out.
Here is the funniest thing, we emailed Oprah, Yep Oprah (no Cody does not watch her but alot of people do). We told her not only does she need to read the books she needs to interview Mr. Batson. He will be the one of the greatest authors of our time and she does not want to miss the boat.

Anonymous said...

OOPS! I made a big mistake on my last post. Mr. Batson IS the greatest author of our time if not all times.

Anonymous said...

I recommended the DWT to Micky S.and he bought all of them. I believe he told us Amazon online.
My mom called Costco for me and left a message with Pennie, the purchasing agent, about carrying your books at Costco. We will call back next week to make sure she got the message. We also sent an email to Costco.

Cody ^_^

Anonymous said...

Reviews that have posted.

Anonymous said...

Recommeded to Sef and Alison. They bought DWT.

Cody ^_^

Anonymous said...

door within report on amazon.also bought another door within.

tbon100k said...

I did buy the first in the dragons in our midst series over the weekend, i posted in one of the other blog links you have(i've seen 3 different blog links for the contest on your website, which one do i use?). I plan on purchasing the other 3 this weekend.
i would have bought all of them but they were out of them, only had the one. not sure what the point spread is if i have to purchase all of them seperately for that reason. also, does the 250points for purchasing all of your books go retroactive to everyone who has done so for this contest?
just curious, also about the map inside the cover from"rise of the wyrm lord", it looks like your name spelled out in the tree trunks in one of the corners of the maps, was that intentional?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to put my points with all my posts so I will have to update all my information.
I purchased 2 full sets 12/6/07 at Barnes and Noble 800 points.
We also talked them into carrying all your books. When we went in to pick up our orders they had lots on the shelf. 75 points.
So we have 75 points for persuading B&N to carry WTB
Not to mention the Isle of Swords the day it came out. not sure on points for that.
Recommended and purchased.
Micky S. 25 points
Sef 25 points
Alison 25 pionts
Josh 25 points
Penie Clark (Costco purchasing agent). May send a copy to. 5 points
Hastings in Richland and Kennewick 10 points. Stll trying to get them to carry the books.
Sent out letter to all private schools in our area 12/8/07
Liberty Christian purchased 25
Christ The King 5
Kingspoint 5
Tri-Cities Prep 5
Bethlehem Lutheran 5
Boys and Girls Club 5
Calvary Christian 5
Franklin Academy 5
Riverview Baptist Christian 5
St Patricks 5
For a total of 70 points. Unless of course you consider the total number of student Than is could be 3,000 times 5 points 15,000. LOL
Also recommended to Pasco school ditrict and one of the teachers is going to purchase for her class 25 points.
Nearly everyone at Tae Kwon Do:
Seth 5 points
Natasha 5 points
Patrick 5 points
Peter 5 pionts
Josh 5 points
Robert 5 points
Pat 5 points
Jacob 5 points
Dylan 5 points
Aunt Carol Purchased (teacher) 25 points
Cade Timmons 5 points
Strangers in the store (just because we love you)
Oprah Windfrey 5 pionts (email) we may send her a copy of DWT also.
Karsyn 5 pionts
Hannah 5 points
At GROW groups Sunday night pastor asked what was the best gift you have ever gotten. I told our youth group of 50 kids, the DWT by Wayne Thomas Batson. I was able to talk on the mic for all the hear. 5 points.
I think that is 95 points.
That should make my total 1170 points without my reviews. I will get those later.

Anonymous said...

i dont know if my pts. for buying all the dragons in our midstt books

Anonymous said...

hi me again the pts. undoubled on the page is this a problem with my computer or what

Anonymous said...

my previous log meant i dont think my pts for buying all th bryan davis books were added

Anonymous said...

Mr.batson if we already purchased the door within trilogy, isle of swords and complete dragons in our midst can we count those in the ultimate treasure be cause that would make about an eighty dollar difference

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hi, Mason

Sorry, previous purchases do not count for the Ultimate Treasure:

Ultimate Treasure of the Century: 3000 Treasure Points:
(only for purchases between December 16th and 25th, 2007)

And please put any new posts on the most recent Treasure Hunt thread. Otherwise I may miss the points.



Anonymous said...

Purchased Isle of Sword and ordered DWT for my church as a belated Christmas gift. 800 Points for a total of 1970, I think.
Also, I think one of the schools I sent a letter to, put your name in there weekly newsletter. When I find out for sure if they did I will let you know. Not that it counts for the contest, but it does count for The Lord. Let's keep spreading the news. Merry Christmas Mr. Batson.

Storm Marie White said...

Hahahahaha!!! I love the thing about the characters being liable for an absolutely horrid death!! That's sooo funny!
But if that cruel author kills you, let me know and I'll write up some revenge for you in my book! !)

-An enthusiastic Christian writer