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Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Little Help: Title of Isle of Swords Sequel

Hey, Blogfam, I need some opinions. As you know I'm feverishly pounding the keys on the sequel to Isle of Swords. I had a title for it, but it lost its luster as I realized it gave away something important for the first book--not a good thing when you want people to read the first book. {ahem}

So, I've got a new title in mind, and I want to run it by you. Here's what I need if you are willing to lend aid:

1. Does the title grab your attention?
2. Does the title promise danger, action, and adventure?
3. Given the target age, middle school on up, is the title appropriate?
4. Do you see any problems, unintended connotations, etc?

The tentative title is:

Rain of Fire