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Friday, February 26, 2010

Tribe Contest WINNER!

Hi, all! The Tribe Building Contest has at last come to an end. Christopher and I are stoked about the results. Really kind of awed. You are simply amazing people. We're a little overwhelmed by the flurry of late activity, but we cannot, CAN NOT thank you enough. More on prizes later. See below:

As you recall, this was the order of the leaders as of a month or so ago:

1: Nightwing

2: Silvertree

3: Shadowtear

4: Swiftstorm

5: Ashheart

6: Valorbrand

The 2nd ranking was:

#1 Silvertree

#2 Nightwing

#3 Swiftstorm

#4 Shadowtear

#5 Ashheart

#6 Valorbrand

The FINAL UPDATE Leaderboard is as follows:

#1 Nightwing

#2 Silvertree 

#3 Swiftstorm

#4 Shadowtear

#5 Ashheart

#6 Valorbrand

And now…it is time to announce the CONTEST WINNER!! 

 Oh, but you'll have to click HERE to find out who one.

By the way: if you have anything to comment or post on, do it here, not the site this links to. lol

Tribe Building Contest Ends Sunday, March 7th

Tribe Building Contest Ends Sunday, March 7th! 

I know, I know. It was supposed to be March 1st, right? But I want to post the Tribe Leaderboard one more time before that! So look for the LAST leaderboard right here, as well as, on the Underground--later today!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Who will be 100?

Hi, all! I just noticed that The Door Within has 99 reviews on Amazon! I'm floored and grateful that the overall ranking is still 5 stars. Honestly, it's my first book ever and 13 years of my life went into crafting it. But I know it's far from perfect. Even after 7 books, I know I have a long way to go…so much to learn about the craft of storytelling. But I love it, and Thank YOU, God for the gift of being able to do something I love.

But I wonder…who will be the 100th person to review The Door Within on Amazon?