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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

About Migmar the Gnome...

It has been an incredible week of Venom and Song discussion. During the CSFF Blog tour, over 75 separate posts have been made with who knows how many comments. Please see the previous article here and visit some of the links. Amazing analysis. But there was a post today by author John Otte asking about CH and I including a character in Venom and Song with a certain, er, uhm, problem. And I thought, wow, I better clear the air on this issue. {Pun very much intended}

Official Disclaimer: If the very mention of the word "flatulent" or any of its synonyms causes you feelings of dread, apprehension, or disgust, DO NOT READ ON. And by NO MEANS should you click on the picture below.

So here's the skinny on Migmar the Gnome King and his, uh, condition. There's a story behind that. Kind of a behind the scenes story. Christopher Hopper and I were in Scranton PA together, working on the outline for Curse of the Spider King. And you know how it is trying to come up with fantasy names. Some of us can take forever researching etymologies and looking up roots from Welsh, Celt, Saxon, etc.

Well, we stumbled upon, not a name generator, but a generic fantasy character generator. It basically had a HUGE database of creatures, races, and people PLUS identifying characteristics. It was pretty late at night, and Christopher and I were kind of goofy. And we kept clicking the generator to read these really random silly character combinations. Things like: drooling, red-headed knight, bug-eyed gargoyle with a limp and so forth. We were literally in tears and clutching our gut b/c the funniest character generated was "Flatulent Barrister Gnome!" Ever since then, it's been an inside joke and we decided to bring Migmar to life in Venom and Song.

So there it is. Don't hate us.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Venom and Song Blog Tour Monday thru Wednesday!

Venom and Song

Hi, all!

Christopher Hopper and I are stoked because starting today (Monday), RIGHT NOW, Venom and Song is the featured book for the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy Blog Tour. That means that bloggers all over the country will be posting interviews, behind-the-scenes info, reviews, and all kinds of Berinfell craziness!

All readers, please check out the blogs below for uber cool stuff about Venom and Song! The tour begins today, but there will be new stuff posted every day of the tour! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Righteous!

PS: if you visit a site and you don't see Berinfell stuff, check back later as we all live in different time zones.

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Huge thanks to all the bloggers for all your hard work on behalf of the mission. Thanks to my readers for checking out some of these great blogs. You may find some great writing resources too!