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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Treasure Hunt...coming down to the wire! New Quests, and an Announcement, well...sort of.

The Isle of Fire Treasure Hunt is sailing along on gale winds! I've updated the scores and, as you can see, there are lots of contenders. See below the amazing creations of two of our treasure hunters! The rather professional-looking display was created by Rien and the poster/T-shirt combo was Erica's! Surely, the two a' you be pirates of the highest order!

ALL Treasure Hunters, be aware: I will not be updating the Treasure Points again, UNTIL THE CONTEST IS OVER, OCTOBER 14TH. So, if you've been hording points in an eBay like attempt to win at the end, go ahead and start shooting me emails with your points!

Two New Quests:

#1 Finish reading Isle of Fire. Post a review on Amazon. Send me the link. 200 points.

#2 Visit and comment on all 8 of the Fantasy Tour's Author's blogs' most recent posts! Wow, that's a lot of possessives! eMail me when you've done it. 100 points.

Announcement #1: Gigantic Isle of Fire Release Party

Where: Barnes & Noble Ellicott City, Maryland
Long Gate Shopping Center
4300 Montgomery Road
Ellicott City, MD 21043

When: Friday, Sept. 26th, 6pm-close.

Aside from the annual HisWay event, this is my favorite Signing Haunt each year. It's my local B&N, and the CSM, Amber, really knows how to throw a party. Last year it was standing room only for the readings and swashbuckling. And I personally signed over 300 books. It was absolutely nuts that night--but way fun.

Look for more of the same this Friday. If any of you bloggers or treasure hunters are in the Maryland area, drop by! I'd love to meet you and sign your books!

Announcement #2: Actually, this is a teaser announcement. But something rather unexpected has happened. I had some plans, but God had other plans. And you know what? I like the new plans A LOT. There are still some things that must be finalized before I can be more specific, but for now, just know that this will be a first for me and a very special announcement. (Oh, and no, it's not a movie deal, sigh)