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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Unimaginable Creative Boost: 3D Art Made Easy

I love to draw. Ever since I was a little kid with a pack of crayons…I just couldn't get enough. Whether it was sketching space battles on looseleaf paper in 5th grade, complete with laser blast sound effects (I'm so sorry, Mrs. Sugars!) or doing pen and ink work for my high school's yearbook cover...I was hooked on art.

Creating is just too much fun, eh? Well, somewhere in the 90's, I found a program called Bryce 3D. It's a realistic landscape program that I've been using ever since to craft the settings of my books. And seriously, the limits are that of your imagination. It is ALL doable.

For a while, Bryce 3D disappeared. You couldn't find it anymore. Then Daz Studios came along, bought it up and made it better than ever. And more than that, Daz is practically giving it away. I've put an ad for Daz Studios in my sidebar. If you have any desire to draw with 3D art, you need to check out the Daz site. I use Bryce 3D, Daz Studio, and Carerra Pro (just learning this one). And I have to tell you, anyone can use these programs to make impressive art. Bryce is easy. Daz is not too hard. Carerra...mmm, not sure yet. But the results are staggeringly cool.

Check it out. Oh, I should mention for my younger blog visitors, get your parents' permission first. Sometimes, esp. with human modeling programs, the artwork can end up being revealing, so just know that ahead of time.

Happy drawing!

PS: The image you see above is a first render of a scene from my new book: Curse of the Spider King.