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Monday, September 09, 2013

Today's the Day! September 10th! Skyriders...a New Novel by Christopher Hopper


I'm going to tell you to go purchase Christopher Hopper's new book: The Sky Riders. Of course, I am. As you know, I'm rather biased because Sir Christopher is one of my best friends in the world. But maybe, just maybe, some of the reasons why he's a good friend to me will help you to understand why this book is worth your time.

Christopher is a kindred. When we met, within 15 minutes we both felt as if we'd known each other for 20 years. We had so much in common, especially our creative thinking and sense of humor, it was literally kinda creepy. But, one of the things that makes him so dear to me as a friend is that he breathes Jesus. And that means, he breathes hope. If you've spent much of your life as a Christian, perhaps you've found yourself a little disillusioned because of how some Christians treat each other…and the world. CH will be the first to tell you he's not perfect, but I found in him a genuine heart after God, someone whose very existence was, to me, a kind of proof positive that Jesus is real, and that His love for people is unconditional.

"…one of the things that makes him so dear to me as a friend is that he breathes Jesus."

So what? Can the guy write?

Fair question. Maybe he's a swell guy and all, but his books have to be worth your time. When I read CH's first book, Rise of the Dibor, I knew. I just knew. Here's one of those guys who just looks at the world so differently, who just finds that nugget of coolness you never saw coming. Honestly, he reminds me a bit of C.S. Lewis because he finds a way to communicate an incredible concept in a way that will fill every reader with a kind of "Oh, my, gosh! I've always thought that, but could never figure out how to envision it! WHOA!" I've seen CH's writing grow since that book 1. We did cowrite three books together, after all. The Berinfell Prophecies. And over that time, I had the honor of watching CH take risks with his prose and become an excellent storyteller. He always had spectacular ideas, but now, his writing skill has caught up. Sky Riders is the very first time that Christopher Hopper has been truly unleashed. The story is going to blow your mind.

"Sky Riders is the very first time that Christopher Hopper has been truly unleashed."

I spent close to 100 hours writing with Christopher (in person at our writing bootcamps or via skype), and I've had to endure CH telling me little bits and pieces of Sky Riders, stuff that makes me feel like this book is going to be very big. Like Amazon #1 YA Fantasy Big. Seriously, it has all the ingredients: a protagonist you'll ache for, a mission worth fighting for, mysterious, sinister, creepy villains, a rich fantasy setting that you—HAVE NOT SEEN BEFORE—creatures, steampunk technology, and that hard-to-describe quality that makes a story haunt you for months after reading it. Sky Riders will make you think, and you'll be richer for it.

TODAY, September 10th, get yourself a copy of The Sky Riders by Christopher Hopper. This is one adventure you won't want to miss.

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