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Friday, August 09, 2013

Won't -THAT- Be a Day?

The last day at the beach. {HUGE sigh}. Seriously, I think God implants in each of us a pang of longing. And on vacations, especially those full of family & friends, and the beauty of nature (mountains, the ocean, etc), that deep ache is felt more keenly. The vacation itself doesn't fulfill. After all, the vacation comes to an end. But it does hint at what will ultimately fulfill: eternity with Jesus in Heaven. 

Won't -THAT- be a day? When all the burdens of sin, sickness, weakness, and age...all fall away. When we finally are all we were ever meant to be. When we meet Jesus face-to-face, walk and talk with Him. When we are together with family and friends to whom we will never have to say goodbye? When the passage of time is irrelevant and there is no longer any fear or sorrow? Won't -THAT- be a day?

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Guest Post on Master Thriller Writer J.A. Konrath's Site

Author J.A. Konrath is a pioneer in the eBook field. He was one of the first to herald it's potent arrival in publishing. And he was one of the first to make an ultra-successful leap into the eBook market. He is also one of the most generous writer's of his or any time.

The guy's website "A Newbie's Guide to Publishing," really is a one-stop-shop for writers and writers-to-be, offering insight into the craft and business of being an author, stuff you cannot find anywhere else.

Recently Joe (the J in J.A. Konrath) took up uber author Tess Gerritsen's charity fight against Alzheimer's Disease. And he generously offered a guest post spot on his blog for any writer who would donate $100 to the charity. I was all over that. Not only is it a fantastic charity to support, but any chance to tap into a new marketplace is worth taking.

So, here's my spot on Konrath's site. Hope it's something that you can use, or at least find some entertainment value.