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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tribe Building Update and New Tribe Quest!

Greetings Tribes! I will be posting current Tribe Points in the next week or so. Please be on the lookout!

In the meantime, it's time for the 2nd Tribe Building Quest. This is a time-sensitive task that can earn your tribe lots of bonus points! So have at it!

The Quest:

Preface: As you know, two summers ago, I toured with seven other fantasy authors. We called ourselves the Motiv8 Tour and we hit dozens of venues from California to Canada. On that journey, I got to know author Eric Reinhold quite well. He's the author of a fantasy series called Ryann Watters and the King's Sword. If you haven't already heard, his books' movie rights were purchased last year and they are actually filming a major motion picture based on his book. COOLNESS!

This is --without any exaggeration-- a turning point for Christian artists. If this movie does well at the box office, it will open the door for other fantasy books to be made into a movie (maybe even The Door Within, eh?) It will send a message to other studios that Christians can be a player in the entertainment marketplace. If the movie fails, the door will slam shut for who knows how long.

Your Mission: Below this text, I'm including all kinds of promo materials and links for the movie. Your job is to scavenge that info and CREATE! Find ways to promote this movie all over the web in your schools--anywhere and everywhere. How many points is this worth? It depends on your project. I'm not telling you what to do. This is kind of like the Amazing Open Category. You take the Ryann Watters movie info and figure out cool ways to promote it. Let me know what you're thinking (email me) and I'll tell you the ridiculous amounts of points you will earn.

Seriously, we need to hit this ball out of the park. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, eMail, Posters, Flyers, Postcards, Bookmarks--whatever you can think of. You might even contact Mr. Reinhold personally and see what he's got going on and how you can help. Tribebuilding aside, this really is a mission. Do you want more God-honoring entertainment? Do you want Christian artists to thrive? Then go after this!

Treasure Chest of Movie Hype:

Eric tells me that The best way to “hype” the movie, would be to get your “army” posting about it all over the web and sending e-mails, etc. to friends and directing them to the official movie website ( , my blog ( , and Facebook (Eric Reinhold) and Twitter (Ryann Watters).  

Filming officially begins in Mount Dora , Florida on August 4th and the State of Florida has already approved tax incentives for the movie in the amount of $250,000, which is 1/3 of the budgeted $750,000.  Some of the “Courageous” crew (the follow up movie by Sherwood Pictures, ‘Facing the Giants’) have come down from Georgia to be part of the movie.  I’ve attached some pics of the 4 principal characters.  Taylor Boswell (of Bowling Green , Kentucky ) has the most extensive experience of the group.  The adult roles are more limited and they are providing the opportunity for some household name actors to be a part of the film.  I can’t confirm any of those yet, but will do so on Twitter, Facebook, and my blog as soon as they are confirmed. 

Here are some fun links you can work into your blog for readers as well, since they are youtube videos. 
There isn’t a movie trailer, yet, but there is a teaser announcing the movie:
Book signing in Mount Dora :
Amateur video done by a high school student at my church with three Middle Schoolers summarizing the book:

Here are some of the latest updates on the movie website:
Under NEWS at the Official Movie Website:
“Director Mike Germaine has assembled an amazingly talent team – com posed of alumni from very successful Christian movies such as “Fireproof”, “Letters to God”, etc., and the team has been covering every inch of downtown Mount Dora and surrounding area as they are blocking shots, determining best time of day to shoot for lighting, etc.   In addition, the team is collecting B-Unit and “plate” shot footage to help assist the Production process this week and next leading up to 2 full weeks of filming the exciting chase sequences, where DRAKE DUNFELLOW pursues RYANN WATTERS through the narrow alleyways and quaint streets of downtown, as well as the other sequences involving the beautiful gazebo and scenery of Evans Park on the shores of Lake Dora.”

From the Producer (a prayer)
As the Production of Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword moves into Hi-Gear this week with start of Principal Photography, the very first thing we want to do this morning is to stop for a moment and pray.

“Father, we thank-you for this day and for this opportunity to serve you.  We are so grateful and excited about the opportunity you have allowed for us with the movie project of Ryann Watters and the King’s Sword.  We believe it to be Your call for us to bring this to pass and we are thrilled that you have chosen us to work through on this important calling.  We thank You for stepping in and helping take our fragile human efforts and Bless it with Your supernatural strength, wisdom, creativity, connections, and purpose.

We thank You for opening doors and making a way out of no way and for bringing the right people from the North, the South, the East, the West – every direction point on the com pass – so that we may effectively and efficiently carry out the duties that You have assigned for us.  Thank You for the Production team, thank You for the Cast, thank You for everyone working behind-the-scenes, thank Your for the business acumen and the finances required to bring this to pass.  Make the path straight – make the path easy – connect us with those with whom we should be connected and keep us from connecting in areas that are not according to Your purpose.  Give us favor with those we deal with and let their efforts rise, together with ours, to assist in the fulfillment of Your project.
Lord, let this be life-changing and revelatory to those of us who are working on this movie and book project and for any one who is remotely connected with us on this.  Let us function effectively together for Your purposes and bind any atttempt of the enemy to interfere in any way, on any level in this.  We know that ALL things are under your auspices and NOTHING moves without your approval and we thank You, in advance, for your covering and protection throughout our efforts here – for us, for our colleagues and partners, for our investors, for families and for anyone who is anyway connected to us on this.

Lord, we thank You also  for allowing this to have a significant and meaningful impact among the next generation – those who will watch this movie and read this book and be impacted by it.  We call a generational Blessing to all those who seek Your Will and obey Your Word and we ask this in the mighty name of Jesus!

Now, as we move forward, we thank You for giving us nimbleness of mind, efficiency of purpose, ability of direction, and Blessing of com pletion for this project.  We thank You for the Mercy and Grace to ac com plish all of this and we will be careful to always remember to give You the Honor and the Glory in all of our efforts with this.  We thank You, most of all, for Your Son, Jesus Christ and for allowing us to com e boldly to the Throne of Grace in His precious name.  Amen.”