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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Off to SoMIRAC

Tomorrow and Thursday, I'll be speaking at the SoMIRAC (State of Maryland International Reading Association Council) Annual Conference. I'd appreciate your prayers as this is a HUGE opportunity to influence the influencers. I'll have the honor of talking to thousands of teachers from all across the state and beyond. If they like what they hear about my books, they are likely to start quite the tidal wave in their schools and districts. More in a couple of days.

What's in a Cover?

Most people really do judge a book by it's cover, don't they? At least at first. If the story within isn't what you expect, you'll feel cheated and probably avoid that author in the future. I've been blessed with a publisher and design team that understands the importance of packaging. So, I feel very blessed with the covers I've been given.

So...two questions:

1. How important is the cover and packaging to you when you are book shopping? Why?

2. And...which of my book covers do you like the most? Explain.