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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Do you have the passion? Musical Fuel for Writing, Episode 2

Greetings, all. If you've been visiting my blog for any length of time, you know that I like to listen to music while I write. Symphonic, cinematic rock seems to be the ticket for me. It's grand, it's powerful, it's intense, it's beautiful, it's epic--all the things I want my stories to be. It is some of the most melodic and technically brilliant stuff out there. And over the last coupla years,  I've been blessed to discover some amazing bands. The first band I blogged about was The Orphan Project. To read the interview with OP front man Shane Lankford, click HERE and HERE.

Next up is a band called Stream of Passion. Their first CD Embrace the Storm caught my attention simply because of the concept "Embrace the Storm" really resonated with me. Jesus told us in this life we would have trouble. And yet so many of us get struck with hardship and wonder "Why is this happening to me?" Just the CD title made me think about how I respond to calamity. And I wonder if maybe I ought to just embrace the storm as something Jesus will use to refine my faith, something that will force me to my knees because I have no other place to go. I don't think this is what the band Stream of Passion had in mind with the song, but that's where it took me. 

So I got the CD and listened to it on a long drive to Scranton PA, and WOW. It was so different, so unusual, melodic and delightfully crunchy, that I instantly became a fan. All the musicians in SoP are phenomenal--and I mean literally musicians of the highest order. SoP vocalist Marcela Bovio has a voice that defies category. We'll still try of course. She has the lilt of a Celtic balladeer, the gut punching soul of Nancy Wilson of Heart, and the restless melancholy of Amy Lee of Evanescence. Just make sure you understand that Marcela and SoP are not clones or even derivative of ANY other band. Seriously.

Marcela was kind enough to agree to do an interview for Enter the Door Within, so here it is. Enjoy your visit with Marcela and SoP. 

1. First, could you introduce yourself and the band? My name is Marcela Bovio, I’m the lead vocalist and violinist of Stream of Passion. Together with me in the band are Stephan Schultz (lead guitar), Eric Hazebroek (rhythm guitar), Johan van Stratum (bass), Jeffrey Revet (keyboards) and Martijn Peters (drums). I’m from Mexico, but I live in Holland as the rest of the band who’s all Dutch. 

2. If you were trapped on an island that just happened to have a solar powered CD player, but you could only have one CD to listen to, what would it be? Why?
Just one? Wow… Can it be an MP3 CD player? And can it be a CD filled with MP3 so I can squeeze more in it? J I don’t think I could ever choose for just one CD… But well, if you make me choose right now I’d go for my latest acquisition: Pablo Ziegler – “Tango and all that jazz”.

3. Same scenario as above, but what CD would you beg, “Anything but that!”?? Explain.
If you leave me on a deserted island with a reggaeton CD that would just be plain cruel…
4. Finish the simile. The sound of Stream of Passion is most like ______a hurricane_____________. Why?
Name a Weather Event
We aim to create music that sweeps you away, that strikes you with its intensity and emotions. I think a hurricane is a good description!

5. You’ve obviously pleased a lot of ears (mine included) with your outrageously cool sound, but given the powerful messages in your songs, have you heard back from fans about the impact your music has had on them? If so, do you have a favorite letter you could share a piece of?
I don’t have any specific examples, but I have had wonderful messages from people telling me just how much our music has touched them or inspired them. It’s the biggest reward you can get as a musician, to know that people can find themselves in your music.
6. In The Flame Within, it seemed you explored some very different shores from Embrace the Storm. Would you comment on that?
Embrace the Storm was an album that Arjen and I wrote back then without any specific ideas as to where the music should go. We started with some acoustic guitar ideas of his that I worked on and the songs evolved to be what they now are. For The Flame Within we had a way more specific idea of what we wanted, which was to make a more energetic, more live orientated album; we had the intention to write songs that would reflect the intensity of our live shows on how driven we are on stage.

7. With a voice like yours, you could have chosen just about any musical genre. Why progressive metal? It’s a genre that allows you to do a lot, and that’s why I like it. There’s the chance to do very delicate soft parts as well as louder passages, use classic technique, you name it.
8. The Art of Loss is an incredible opener. Can you give us some behind the scenes insight as to how Stream of Passion decided on that track as the first track?
We thought it really summed up what we wanted to say as a band with this new album; it has a lot of drive, some exotic feel to it, very melodic as well as heavy moments.

9. What’s next for Stream of Passion?
We have some more dates planned, and hopefully add a couple more cool gigs for the year. Besides this we’re already busy writing stuff for a new album.

10. Finally, just wishful thinking here, but if one of my books were to be made into a movie, would Stream of Passion consider doing a track for the movie? Never done anything like that, but it would be a nice challenge!

Again, huge thanks to Marcela Bovio for taking the time out of the very busy SoP schedule. Check out Stream of Passion's newest CD: The Flame Within!

Note: As always, with ANY media that you watch or listen to, please use discernment. 

Next up in the Musical Fuel series: Theocracy.