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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Please Join the M.N.A.B.C. These Books Need You!

Greetings and Salutation, my dear Bat Book Readers! So, it's the new year and that can mean only one thing: NEW BOOKS! {Go ahead, do the happy dance. You know you want to} As an author, I always wonder: how often do readers who've loved one of my book series make the leap to one of my other book series?

I'll confess it, if I find an author I love, I'll read his/her whole catalog. Do you do that? I'm not sure everyone does, and maybe not on purpose. For whatever reason, some books end up ignored because people don't find out about them. That kind of makes me sad {picture lonely book on a curb somewhere, shivering alone in the cold}. I—KNOW! Such a sorrowful image. But, together, we can change this. Today, I begin the No More Abandoned Books Campaign. Join me, won't you? The N.M.A.B.C. needs readers like you to help spread the word. Think of it: millions of books out there, dreaming of the day that some nice readers will come along and take them home. We can make those dreams turn to reality. 

See below! Here is my complete catalog of books. Which ones have you read? Which ones haven't you read yet? Please help spread the word.

SERIES 1: The Door Within Trilogy:
I. The Door Within
II. Rise of the Wyrm Lord
III. The Final Storm
IV. The Blackwood (a DW sidequest, Kindle only)

SERIES 2: The Griffin Thorn Duo
I. Isle of Swords
II. Isle of Fire

SERIES 3: The Berinfell Prophecies
I. Curse of the Spider King
II. Venom & Song
III. The Tide of Unmaking

SERIES 4: The Dark Sea Annals (will be 7 books)
I. Sword in the Stars
II. The Errant King 

SERIES 5: Dreamtreaders (will be a trilogy)
I. Dreamtreaders
II. Search for the Shadow Key

SERIES 6: John Spector Thrillers
II. Minister of Fire (will release Fall 2015)

SERIES 7: Imagination Station (Adventures in Odyssey Spinoff)
I. Battle for Cannibal Island
II. Hunt for the Devil's Dragon

SERIES 8: The Misadventures of Strylun & Xerk
I. Book 1: Origins of Mischief (Kindle Only)

SERIES 9: Novellas and Short Stories (Kindle only)
I. The Dragon in My Closet
II. Forget Me Not
III. The Skeleton Project, episodes 1-4
IV. The Law of the Land

NONFICTION: Kindle only
I. Captured Storms

Monday, January 12, 2015

Going a little NUTS with Dreamtreaders Book 3: War for the Waking World. Mannnnn ooooooh, maaaaaan. Get ready for a big ole helping of Off Da Hook!