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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Are you a Realmer?

Are you a Realmer? You are if you've joined the thriving Door Within Forums. It's been up for almost a year now, and a great many lasting friendships have been forged. See it's not just about the Door Within books. It's about community. People find a lot of people who read the same books, who think the same way, or have similar interests. And guess what happens? All kinds of conversation breaks out.

Conversation and creativity. Within the Door Within Forum are tons of sub forums, including the above Isle of Swords/Isle of Fire Forum. There's also a place for artistic fans to share artwork: hand-drawn or CG. There are several threads for writers where you can get amazing feedback on what you write. Who knows, you may even meet someone there who will one day publish your book. There are contests, games, quests, and yes, lots of discussion about most every topic under the sun. So if you're not already a Realmer, head on over and sign up.

Yes, Take Me to the Realm!

Oh, and speaking of cool artwork. Check out these sketches by FantasyPunkPrincess! Too Cool, eh?