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Friday, October 17, 2008

The Number 8 and a Warning...


So 8 authors just visited 8 cities in 8 days. The Motiv8 Fantasy Fiction Tour. I was blessed to be one of them. And now, I get the news that Isle of Fire hit #8 on the CBA Young Adult Bestseller List. I'm really starting to like the number 8.

Now that the tour is finished, the 8 authors have covenanted to continue "Cross Promotion." In other words, we know that readers never have enough good books. And we also know that DoorWithin/Isle of Fire readers don't necessarily know about the books of the Bryan Davis, Donita K. Paul, Eric Reinhold, Sharon Hinck, Christopher Hopper, Jonathan Rogers, and L.B. Graham. And their readers don't necessarily know about my books. So we want to get the word out every way we can. To that end, Monday will begin the first Fantasy Fiction Blog Tour. Check out their websites each week to see who their blogging about. You will DEFINITELY find out some things about your favorite authors you never knew before. And, since my last name is first alphabetically, Monday begins my week.

And now, the Warning: As a part of the blog tour, my blog will be visited by a very dark presence. Be prepared.

PS: I'll also have an announcement for you some time later in the week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

1,824,640,802,600,500,345 million stars!

Well, I'm back from the Fantasy Tour. Lots of stories to tell. I'll have to take it slow and post a little at a time. You can also see the tour video journals on

In other news, the Isle of Fire Treasure Hunt ends tomorrow. Last Call for Treasure Points.

And finally: I've had lots of good reviews, and I am SO thankful for every kind word. We creative folks are awfully sensitive and notoriously thin-skinned about things said concerning our books. So when a nice review comes along, it is very meaningful.

I received a review today from a 9-year old boy. He read Isle of Fire and wrote a very sweet review. The last line made me laugh out loud. Read it if you wish, but beware of a few SPOILERS if you haven't read Isle of Fire yet.

This book is about some pirates and monks who travel around the world to find Thorne and the Merchant. They started working with the monk when they found Cat. Cat is not his real name, it is his nickname. They don’t say what his real name is, so I just call him Cat. Cat is a boy who lives with the monks because his mom died and his dad is evil and left him on an isle of fire. Cat is afraid that he looks like his dad and will become like his dad. Anne found Cat when he was a boy on the island. Cat and Anne are on a journey to find Scully and the Merchant. Anne is Ross’ daughter who saved Cat from the island. Cat and Anne kind of like each other.
The Merchant is evil and Scully works for him. Thorne is a pirate and a good fighter who is friends for Red Eye and works for Ross on his ship called Robert Bruce. A boy named Hooper and a lady named Lady Dolphin and Sir Nigel found Hooper on their ship and they are helping him find his parents. Until then they decide to take care of him. I think Lady Dolphin is using Hooper to help her find her dad’s journals.
I liked this book and I recommend this book to people who like pirates and adventure and a lot of fighting and capturing. I give this book 1,824,640,802,600,500,345 million stars and I know that’s not a number.
The End