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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Yuletide, Schmuletide! The Tide of Unmaking is Better!

Endurance and Victory! 
Just a quick reminder that the stunning conclusion to the Berinfell Prophecies: The Tide of Unmaking is out NOW!

You can get it on Kindle, of course. But if you want a paperback, the only place you can get it is Create Space (link below). Christopher Hopper and I appreciate all our Elves and other readers who have faithfully supported this series. We think Tide of Unmaking is something special, tying up a hundred threads with action, humor, fantasy coolness, and more.

If you don't really have a preference, please consider supporting Christopher and I this Christmas Season by purchasing Tide of Unmaking on CreateSpace, as it provides our best profit return. Here's the link:

The Tide of Unmaking Paperback

Also, if you've already read Tide of Unmaking, would you consider writing a comment to this blog entry, something that would let readers know what kind of righteous-fantasy-coolness awaits them? Don't give any spoilers away though! Thanks!