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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tribebuilding 2, Contest Deadline Moved to December 14th!

Tribebuilding 2 Contest Continues!

And so, after much deliberation amongst the Elves, I believe all parties concerned will be best served if the official deadline for the Tribe Building Contest be moved to Tuesday, December 14th. In this way, NaNoWriMo will be well and good over, and Elves will have two weeks--and weekends--to pour it on for the Tribe Building Contest! I think it's best not to go too far into the Christmas season because, as we all know, Elves are already very busy around Christmas. ;-)

Also, I'm cooking up some new Tribe Quests to throw out at you. Woo hoo hoo ha, ha, hah {cough} ha {cough} heh, {hack} heh {wheeze}...uh, yeah.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Blitz Update: Sword in the Stars climbs 10,000 spots!

The above from Amazon as of 7:36pm ET
This just in, Sword in the Stars climbs from 56K to 45K. 10,000 spaces? Yes, good start! More updates each hour!

Sword in the Stars Amazon Blitz is Today! 5pm--10pm ET

Today's the day! The mighty bastion of stands high on its mountaintop, daring our scattered masses, wandering swordsmen, rangers, archers, swordmaidens, and warriors of all kinds to unite in an assault upon it!

Today, I am calling on all my faithful readers…just as Aragorn rallied his forces at the gate of Mordor…to take part in this blitzing of Amazon! Yes, I know that none of my books have ever ranked higher than 365th on Amazon's bestseller list. And there may be a day when my books cannot climb any higher than 10,000th, but IT IS NOT THIS DAY!!

I's cheesy. lol

Look at the photo below. Do you see where Sword in the Stars begins its quest today?

If we concentrate new book orders between 5-10pm tonight, you will see that number change dramatically. So please, join us on our little venture!

Here's the purchase link: Sword in the Stars Amazon Blitz Link

Reminder, I'll be Facebooking about the Blitz throughout its duration! So check there and we can engage in much inane banter!

Reminder 2: Don't forget, for every book you purchase during the Blitz, I will send you a signed and personalized bookplate sticker. Just email me with a clip of your digital Amazon receipt, and provide me with a mailing address, name of person for whom to sign, and any message you want, and I'll get the stickers sent out. No limit on stickers. If you purchase 10 books, I'll sign and send 10 stickers. :-D


Why do a Blitz? 
1) Tons of orders in a concentrated time will make Sword in the Stars jump up high on Amazon's bestseller's list. This creates high visibility, more sales, and so on.

2) Also, getting tons of orders right around a new book's release date influences the publisher to pump up the marketing and even increase print runs.

This Amazon Blitz is special because it's my first book with my new publisher. AMG Publishing has been very good to me, so I really want to have a nice showing with the Sword in the Stars release. So here's the deal, buy a copy of Sword in the Stars, using the link below or the one in my sidebar. Make your purchase on Monday, November 15th, between the hours of 5pm--10pm ET.

Why from Amazon? 
1) Exposure. Amazon has a mighty market share. The higher the rank with Amazon, the more people know about the books. I love the Indy stores and other big chains too!

Can I order a ton of books for the ranking and then return them?
I don't know if that works, but even if it would, please do not do it. I don't want to scam anyone or be a part of anyone who does.

Can I order more than one book?
You can order as many as you want. Christmas is right around the corner, and signed books make great gifts.

What happens after the Blitz? 
1) If the Amazon Bestseller number hits the top ten, I'll be able to use that on future printings of Sword in the Stars. "Sword in the Stars, An Amazon Bestseller..."

2) If you read the book and have the time, please consider leaving a review of Sword in the Stars up on Amazon. Those reviews really do matter.

This Just In: Sword in the Stars Website is LIVE now! Many new features to come, but the shell is up! Check it out: