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Monday, October 01, 2007

Isle of Swords Release Party: The Aftermath

really need to hit the writing trail, but I just can't NOT say something about the event this past Friday. I was driving to the Barnes and Noble store prior to the event, and a special song between me and God came on: Nichole Nordeman's Brave. I head that and just started praying, God you love me, and you have big plans, don't you?

I was instantly reminded of Nathaniel being wowed when Jesus said He'd seen Nathaniel beneath the fig tree...even when Jesus wasn't there. Jesus said (WIV translation*), "Dude, you believe because I saw you under the fig tree? Get real, I have other things to show you that will blow your shoes off!"

I felt like God was saying to me, "You think me putting a song on the radio was big? You just wait."

And God had incredible things in store:
• 70 people were there for the readings
•That quadrupled before the night ended
• @180 Isle of Swords books sold
• @80 Door Within books sold
• That's about triple my best turnout ever
• The line was SO long that one of my students read 100 pages of Isle of Swords while waiting!
• I signed from 7:30-10:15...Straight.
• Lines stretched all over the store.
• The store had great decorations, contests, food, etc.
• Folks had a blast.
• God is awesome.

Thanks to Scribe for taking lots of photos and putting together this slideshow. Apparently, Photobucket needs to make its advertising money by plastering Disney all over the slideshow. Doh.

I've also included some other good shots outside of the slideshow.

*Wayne's Ignoble Version