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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Chance to Vote! Banner Contest!

The Banner Contest is over. 33 entries were submitted. I've posted them all below. First, I cannot thank enough those of you who entered. I know a bit about design work. It's very exacting and very time consuming. And now, I'm left with the choice of which one wins the contest and becomes the official Banner of Enter the Door Within. And...

I can't make up my mind! Please see the poll in the sidebard and vote for the design you like best. It I get a majority, that will help me make the decision. Thanks!

I've not included the artists names at this time, so just refer to each header by it's design number. If you would like to review the rules and regs, click HERE!

Design 1.

Design 2.

Design 3.

Design 4.

Design 5.

Design 6.

Design 7.

Design 8.
Design 9.

Design 10.

These just added as of March 21st:

Design 11.

Design 12.

Design 13.

Design 14.

Design 15.

Design 16.

Design 17.

Design 18.

Design 19.

Design 20.

Design 21.

Design 22.
Design 23.

Design 24.

Design 25.

Design 26.

Design 27.

Design 28.

Design 29.

Design 30.

Design 31.

Design 32.

Design 33.


Build Your Tribe
Begin Your Quest

Last year's Tribebuilding Contest for Curse of the Spider King was a HUGE success! We had six active tribes who worked together to do some absolutely amazing things! Venom & Song, book 2 of The Berinfell Chronicles will ship to stores beginning June 9th, so in honor of Book 2's release Christopher Hopper and I are launching:
Tribebuilding Contest 2

This year's contest will use the same general rules as last year's contest, but with a few major changes:

1. Tribe can earn GINORMOUS points for Creative Open Category Projects! It will vary by concept. Just propose an idea, and I'll tell you how many points will be offered.  

2. Last year, we had six of the seven tribe names taken. If those tribes want to participate again, please let me know immediately so we can secure the Tribe Name for you. Additional tribes can create their own tribe name.

3. Tribe must be at least 14 people, not 21 like last year.

4. Tribes need not be geographically close in location to each other, but it helps when we plan the private book party.

5. Amazon Blitz, coming soon, so do NOT order Venom and Song just yet. If you order ON THE BLITZ DAY, it will mean ridiculous points for your Tribe! I mean OUTRAGEOUS, IMPOSSIBLY LARGE Numbers! WOOT.

I've outlined the entire contest and uploaded it page-by-page as you see below. You can click all the images and read right from the Web.


You can click HERE and download the pdf file.

Also, Tribe Leaders from last year, please email me about Rules/etc. that didn't work too well last year or were confusing. I'd like to make this year's even better than before.

 Let the games BEGIN!

Tribe Names Claimed Last Year:
*Note: email me right away if you want to reclaim your Tribe's Name, or I will open them for new Tribes!

Valorbrand: taken by Kiada/Starfast/Robby  

Silvertree: Taken by Keeneye 

Ashheart: Taken by AmyA

Nightwing: Taken by Jacob Parker  

Swiftstorm: Taken by Seth 

Shadowtear: Taken by TimV 

Oakenflower: Unclaimed


Did you think I forgot to mention prizes?

In addition to the prizes from last year (Private Book Party, Swords, Signed ARCs, etc), how about having EVERY member of your tribe mentioned in the Acknowledgement section of Berinfell Book 3*???

How about access to a special "Member's Only" Website full of Berinfell Lore, original Desktop art, games, and more!

CH and I are still thinking about additional prizes, so check back often for updates!

PS: Last year's Prize Winners will begin receiving prize packs in June! Thank you for your patience!