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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What's on YOUR mind?

Time for a little Brainstorming.

Just a few random thoughts today.

• As a parent you know you're toast when: In the middle of the night, you hear, "Mommy, Daddy, my stomach hurts." Can you say, technicolor yawn? In the span of four minutes, two of my four children tossed their cookies. Seems to be some sort of stomach bug going round these parts. Please pray for us if you have some spare "air time."

• I'm really worried about the coming Presidential election. I thought Mike Huckabee was going to whoosh through to the nomination. He's a Christian, a very reasonable and refreshing voice, and yet...he's not doing well of late. I have real reservations about McCain and Romney, and feel like this election is a real turning point for America. The next President will likely appoint between 2-4 Supreme Court Justices... I'm committing to praying that God would have the candidate who will honor Him in the oval office.

• The Dark Sea Annals, my next fantasy series is going to be HUGE. I've left the manuscript lie dormant for a bit of time to allow me to work on the outline. But it's SEVEN books. That's a monstrous outline. It has proven too big for my normal pen/paper outlines, so I'm giving this new writer's software a try. It's called SuperNoteCard, and it seems to allow all kinds of cool outlining features. I hope so. I need help.

• 39,621 Visits to my blog since it opened. I wonder who will be number 40,000...

So, what's on your mind? The captain has turned on the Random Thought Light. Feel free.

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Fan Art, Part 2

Take a closer look. You may think you are looking at the endsheets for my Door Within books. But actually, these were hand drawn by a 13-year-old reader named Marissa. Righteous work, wouldn't you say?

Never alone.

And in other news, it's OFFICIAL: Isle of Fire will be released in August of this year. Check back to this site often. I will be posting some sample chapters and/or scenes from Isle of Fire in the next couple of weeks.

Oh...and I haven't forgotten about the Suspense Techniques contest. I'm just trying to pace myself. ;-)