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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Special Visit!

I am so stoked about this weekend. 6PM this Saturday evening at Chaplegate Presbyterian Church, one of my favorite new bands, Orphan Project, will be live and in concert...and I'm going!

I was fortunate enough to become an online friend to their lead vocalist, Shane Lankford. And Shane kindly agreed to do a three-part interview here on Enter The Door Within. So enjoy meeting Shane and Orphan Project. And, if you like powerful music with a powerful message, pick up their debut CD, Orphan Found. You can find it HERE.

Hey, Shane. Thanks for agreeing to let me interview you and your band Orphan Project. For the folks who don't know you and the band, would you introduce yourself, the band, and tell us a little about how you got together?

Hey man, thanks alot for giving us a chance to tell our story! Anyway, I'm Shane Lankford and I do lead vocals, and the other members of the band are Bill Yost (bass & vocals), Tim Kehring (drums & vocals), Scott Spivey (guitars & vocals) and unfortunately we are currently looking for a keyboard player. As far as how we got together, this lineup of Orphan Project is a remnant of the original lineup of 6 members. Actually, the new music and new direction is mainly due to Bill Yost encouraging me to continue on with OP after John Wenger (responsible for all music on Orphan Found) left. Way back in the beginning (2002) I wrote the concept for "Orphan Found" and met with John Wenger to have music put to it. When we got in the studio to record the cd we called in some session players (Scott Spivey being one of them) and so from there, in order to take the sound live we formed a band. The 2 new tunes we have written will be typical of the "band sound" of Orphan Project: (

I heard the Orphan Found track on CPR#2 (Christian Progressive Rock Anthology #2) and bought the CD that instant. Like the first chapter of a good book, it hooked me. Then I bought the Orphan Found CD and love it.The music is so rich. How would you describe your sound?

Our sound would be described as a musical version of "desperation meeting Hope." Musically and lyrically dark & deep growing into the knowledge of Hope...Hope being Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God! (Note from Wayne: When you listen to OP, you'll hear influences of Kansas, Rush, Dream Theater, etc., but they really are just influences, echoes that resonate, but believe me Orphan Project has a sound all their own--soulful, artistic rock that haunts and blesses at the same time.)

The message of your first CD, Orphan Found, is powerful. Does it reveal a bit of your mission as a musician? How so?

Yes, I believe it does. Well, I believe that music first is a gift from our Creator, a blessing from above so therefore the opportunity to be involved in music (or anything in life) must be taken seriously. We are called to do our best in all, writing powerful, thought provoking music should be our goal...ultimately glorifying God in all we do.

Take care & God bless,
Shane Lankford Orphan Project
"Voice of Visual Cliff"

"we are all orphans until..."

“I will not leave you as orphans;
I will come to you” (John 14:8, NIV).