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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Open the Door Within for Someone New! Re-Release Date: May 7th

It brings me ridiculous joy to announce that Thomas Nelson Publishers will ReRelease the entire Door Within Trilogy on May 7th, 2013

The first book, The Door Within, came out in 2005 originally. A publishing executive at Thomas Nelson first took an interest in the story when we met in the summer of 2004 at a convention in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, I was unpublished…a hobbyist writer and full time teacher here in Maryland. But the story had been at work in my heart and mind for ten years.

When God smacked me upside the head and let me know in no uncertain terms that LIFE could be found nowhere else but in HIM, I ran with the Gospel and told just about everyone I knew. One encounter with a couple who was (and is) very dear to me left me heartbroken, frustrated, and angry. I spilled my Jesus-guts to them. Their reaction: "How cute."

It left a powerful mark in my life: how could people look at the life-saving, life-changing news that Jesus died for them, to forgive their sins, save them, give them heaven forever, and new life here—how could people look at that news and think it was some silly notion? How could people not see the urgency in the message? It was as if a person, sick and blistered with cancer, lying in a hospital bed and refusing the offer of a cure for cancer because "it simply couldn't be true."

The seeds of the Door Within story were sewn in that season. At the time, I was about to begin a short story unit with my 6th graders at Arundel Middle School. As I preached to them the glorious fun it could be to create people, plots, and settings, they fired a shot across my bow: "Mr. Batson, why don't you write a story? You're always telling us how cool it is to write." That was it. I was cornered. So I wrote a 17-page short story in green ink on loose leaf paper. It was called "The Faith of a Child." Nine years of students badgering me to write more and more…and more, it became The Door Within.

When the book came out, I prayed and asked God that the story might change one life. Just one, I asked. God had much bigger plans. Nearly half a million books later, God is still on the move with The Door Within Trilogy. And a new phase begins on May 7th, 2013. I hope you'll raise a sword and join in the new offensive.

If you've read this far, you're likely a pretty dedicated reader of my stories. So, I'm asking you a favor: Help the new generation find The Door Within Trilogy.

If you read the original release, you're probably in your twenties now. But a new generation of young readers is ready and waiting. Here's what you can do:

1) Purchase a copy of a Door Within book during the May 7th Amazon Blitz; give the book to a young reader you know.

2) Blog / Facebook / Tweet/ etc. about The Door Within books whenever you can and as much as you can. Talk about any impact the books have had on you, favorite scenes, characters, quotes, etc. Please mention the Amazon Blitz date: May 7th!

3) Word of mouth. Talk it up. Text it up. Let friends and family know about the Door Within books. 

4) Use The Door Within books as seed-planting. While not a perfect allegory by any means, The Door Within books do contain a lot of Jesus Truth. Use the books as a bridge to talk about eternity with friends and family who might not yet believe.

If you do any of the above, email me at: batguy21784(at)yahoo(dot)com. Put the following in the Subject Line of the email: Door Within ReRelease Promotion. I will put your name in the Acknowledgments Section of my newest book (Soon to be announced!). I will also provide you with lots of cool Door Within freebies here on my blog!

If you purchase a book, email me at: batguy21784(at)yahoo(dot)com. Put the following in the Subject Line of the email: Door Within ReRelease PATRON. I will put your name in a special Patron Section of the Acknowledgments Page of my newest book. You will also receive loads of freebies, including exclusive never-before-read Door Within material, artwork, etc.

In the name of The One True King, I thank you.
-Wayne Thomas Batson, 2013