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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Isle of Fire...Are You Ready?

Isle of Fire (Final Cover Image Below) will be released in the U.S. the first week of September, and I am stoked about it. If feels like forever since I finished the last edits--very different from previous books which came out three months after edits.

Isle of Fire is going to turn the whole pirate genre on its head. You'll meet a new villain who would frighten even Bartholomew Thorne (if he still lived, that is). Ancient pirates will return from legend to wreak havoc on the seas. And young Cat will face a war within.

And, if you thought the Isle of Swords Treasure Hunt was a blast, just wait until I announce the Isle of Fire Treasure Hunt.

Tons of prizes and an adventure your not soon to forget!

Oh, and remember that announcement I promised a month ago? Well, check back often. I have HUGE news!