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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movie News, Meet the Author #2, and More!

ack from the Ocean. Thanks for all the encouragement on the writing. I did manage to sneak away to write a little: 3,000 words or so! Woo Hoo! A very creepy chapter--you are SO going to love to hate the principal villain in this series. And it looks like I may not be without a deadline for long. My publisher is looking very interested in the new series. More on that when I can be more official.

In other news: This just in. The talent spotter in Hollywood LOVES The Door Within books. As a matter of fact, his daughter took them from him and wouldn't give them back until she blew through the trilogy. Cool, eh? I suspect that if it were solely up to this man that The Door Within would become a movie. However, it's not totally up to him. He does know some pretty influential folks though and he's going to go to them and see what they think. The key questions are: will Hollywood want another fantasy series? And will Fantasy STILL be hot when a Door Within movie could conceivably be made and released some years from now?

PRAY! {please, pretty please!}

And, shoot on over to the Motiv8 Fantasy Fiction Tour Website to meet Author #2 in our series of 8: Sir Bryan Davis. He's not actually a knight that I know of. But he should be. You'll never meet a more "stand up" guy. Go meet him.

Click HERE!

Until next time...never alone.