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Friday, September 21, 2007

Isle of Swords Release Party: Come as you are, or be a pirate!


Isle of Swords Release Party
Friday, September 28th, 7-9pm
Barnes & Noble
4300 Montgomery Rd
Ellicott City, MD 21043
(410) 203-9001

I'd like to personally invite you to come to the Isle of Swords Release Party. This should be a very exciting evening. I'll be there doing dramatic readings from Isle of Swords, as well as, a special sneak peek at something else coming in the not to distant future.

•Pirate Costume Contests

•Special Photo Op Sessions



•Book Signing

Thomas Nelson Publishers will even be flying my publicist in to help with the event. Secretly, I think they want to know just what I do at these things. ;-) There may also be local press.
That said, the bigger the turnout, the better. I'd like to see that Barnes & Nobles store absolutely swamped with folks...and pirates. I'll be dressed in full pirate garb, including my new cutlass from See below:

Come if you can. I'd love to see you there!

Never alone.

Wayne Thomas Batson

PS: Please do not post any Treasure Points on this thread. Post them HERE.


therosepatch said...

*cries* I can't come!!! *wails* I wish I could!!

*sniffle* Take pictures?? Please?!?!

everlastingscribe said...

I will work on being there Pais! I can even bring my camera ;) I really should go and get Christian and have him tag along ::making mental note now::

Anonymous said...

Aw man! I attended a Pirates of the Carribean party on the Disney Wonder cruise ship a few weeks ago1 I had everything..the eye patch, the bandana (w/ Mickey ears!) and a gold earring...I wanted the fake teeth...but mom rejected the idea :) Rats! Wish I could be there!
One of these days I'll meet you lol. Darn this distance trouble!

therosepatch said...

I just finished reading Isle of Swords.

*brandishes cutlass* Wayne ... you'd better hurry up and finish that sequel of yours ... *points cutlass at the Cap'n* or else.

I have to say this: as much as I loved TDW, Isle of Swords was MUCH BETTER!!

Soon I will construct a decent review of this fabulous and fantastic adventure! Huzzah!!!

*glares at the last paragraph of Isle of Swords, then kicks Wayne in the shins*

*runs away, cackling*

Unknown said...

I want to come so bad, but I doubt my parents would let me get out of school to drive up to Maryland.

Unknown said...

Pais Charos, I agree with you on that fact, and am sad too I can not come!

therosepatch said...

*cocks head to the side* Which fact? That Wayne needs to hurry up and finish the sequel, or that I thought Isle of Swords was better than TDW?

Unknown said...

yes that one!!!!! I loved it as much as you!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I could persuade my parents to move to Maryland... Doubt it.

everlastingscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
everlastingscribe said...

I really am blessed *sniff* to have him be local. I wish all you awesome people could come and bother the Capt'n with me, I mean support the Capt'n with with me on Friday.

Oh! I am having another thought (be afraid that's two in one week) but I am not going to kidnap this thread either. Come and see what I have in mind

*its up now* ;)

SilverWolf said...

cool sword, though not the the type i draw

Kaza Kingsley said...

Hey - your release party for your new book is the same day as mine! Good luck and have a great time!
Kaza Kingsley
Author of the Erec Rex series

WayneThomasBatson said...

I wish you all could be there too. It should be a blast.

And Kaza, nice of you to drop by. I looked at your books...very intriguing. Forgive my ignorance, but are you new to YA lit or have you a dozen books out?

You should come again when you have a spare moment {HA! Spare moment...right} and tell us your journey to publication.

Never alone.


Kaza Kingsley said...

Hi again!
I'm fairly new to YA, this is my second book out now. I'm heavily into book three. But once my tour starts that may have to go on hold a while!!

It's been a crazy but fun ride. I hope you're having fun with yours as well. A lot of work goes into writing a book (right? ;D) so we should enjoy the excitement as well.

If you ever want to get in touch for any reason, and I'm not happening to look at your blog, you can email me through my website at

Keep in touch!
Kaza Kingsley
Author of the Erec Rex series