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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Borders at the Woodlands

Had a great signing at the Borders Bookstore at the Woodlands (Just outside of Houston) here in Texas. And as the saying goes, they do things BIG in Texas! This was a monster of a Borders store.

Leslie, the store manager, had a great spot for me in the front of the store. We later decided that we would set up chairs and do a few readings upstairs. A couple of families showed up right away. These were fans of The Door Within books and had just purchased Isle of Swords. Very nice people...very happy with my books, so I was very grateful. The evening wet very well. I had the opportunity to hand-sell and introduce my books to a dozen new readers--always a good thing.

I read "Echoes of Cannon Fire" and "Race for the Mill." Lots of fun. Can I just tell you, I love reading scenes with Jacques St. Pierre. He's such a winning maniac! lol

Funny anecdote. Do you know what happens to people who come to a toll booth but don't have the cash money to pay? I didn't know either...until this afternoon. My publicist picked me up and drove us to the Borders event on I610. Apparently, I610 is a toll road. Who knew? We hit the first toll booth, and my publicist says, "Uh, oh. I don't have any cash." I reach for my wallet. "Uh, oh. I don't have cash either."

So my publicist gets a ticket. Off we go. Five miles later, another toll booth. Repeat steps 1-3, and now my publicist has two tickets. I610, a toll road. Who knew? Now we know. lol