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Saturday, February 14, 2015

An Absolute No Brainer!

Hi, most wonderful readers in the known universe!

So this post is a little off the beaten path but, honestly, I'd feel guilty if I didn't let you know about this. My wife and I are -ALWAYS- looking for ways to save money. With four teenage kids, out of pocket costs are just insane.

When we first heard about Solar Power, there were a ton of out of pocket costs. That was a few years back. So recently, when we heard about Solar City from a friend, we instantly put up a wall. You know that—thanks but I know you're selling me something—wall?

Turns out Solar City is ahead of the solar power pack with a ZERO out of pocket cost approach. Unreal. My wife and I grilled their sales rep (a very nice chap named Mark Morell) with every question, skepticism, string-attached, fine-print, worry, concern, etc. And each and every answer he gave told us the same thing: this is a Win-Win.

I think the solar panels actually improve the look of the house.

There are no costs up front. There are no costs that will zap you two years down the road. They own and maintain the solar panels. They guarantee and insure your roof. Seriously, they do everything.

And the bottom line? We will save @$2,000 dollars off our electric bill in the first year alone. The average monthly savings is $165.

Even in the coldest winter, there's still plenty of solar energy to be had.

Cleaner, God-given energy, zero up front costs, and guaranteed savings? Win. Win. If you have any interest in Solar City, please contact our rep:

Mark Morell, click here for the website:

Phone: (725) 333-6123