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Monday, November 11, 2013

Raudrim-Quevara, The Red Queen_Amazing Art…and What is your Christmas wish?

Hi, all! Long time, no blog. Sorry about that. Been busy writing, and honestly haven't had much to say blog-wise. But ElizabethH sent this fantastic bit of art in, so I had to post. This is a remarkable interpretation of The Errant King's villain: Raudrim-Quevara, The Red Queen, who shapeshifts into a very formidable dragon. Seriously, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more accurate drawing. Thanks, Elizabeth!

Enjoy all!

Blog Item #2:

Your Christmas Wish
I love the holiday season. I love the music, the trappings, the chill in the air, the red cheeks, and being buried under blankets! I love that Jesus gave us a gift that no one can steal or mar or hinder.

So this Christmas season, I'd like to give ALL my readers a gift. But I need your help.

I'm going to write a Christmas Gift Story. It'll be relatively short. 5-10K words, max. For ten days around Christmas, I'm going to make this story free on Kindle and free as a .pdf download. But I want to know what you want me to write for the gift. Please respond to the poll below. I'll announce the winning Christmas Present Story right after Thanksgiving.


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