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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What is Amazon doing? Tribe Quest Immediate Opportunity

Okay, so I get an email from a reader, telling me that Isle of Fire has reached #242 on Amazon's bestseller list. I'm thinking, well...pirates are cool, but...??? 242? That's the lowest any of my books have ever gotten on Amazon. What gives?

See below. Do you see what I see?

This is Isle of Fire HARDCOVER. Look at the price. Amazon is selling Isle of Fire at $2.43. Are you kidding me? Talk about a "fire sale." Get it, Isle of Fire...on sale? Oh, nevermind. LoL

Okay Tribes, this is a very time-sensitive Quest opportunity. Isle of Fire sits right now at 242 on the Bestseller List. It won't take much to push it higher. Let's rock this!

The Quest:

Purchase 1 copy of Isle of Fire: 3000 pts.
Purchase 2 copies of Isle of Fire: 6000 pts.
Purchase 3 copies of Isle of Fire: 12000 pts.
Purchase 4 copies of Isle of Fire: 24000 pts.
Purchase 5 copies of Isle of Fire: 48000 pts.

Yes, I know, that's a ridiculous amount of points.

It gets better.

If Isle of Fire makes it to 100th or better on the Amazon list, double the points for each tribe member who gets a book.

If Isle of Fire makes it to #1 on the Amazon list, quadruple the points for each tribe member who gets a book. QUADRUPLE the points.

*Remember, if you're a minor, don't make a purchase without parent permission.

**Also, if IoF makes #1, keep in mind the points do NOT double and then quadruple. The points would quadruple.

Click HERE to order Isle of Fire!

Important Time Note: In order for your purchase to count, you must order today: Sunday 9/19 thru Tuesday 9/21st.