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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Spearhead Books: United We Write

Last year, revealed that it had sold more eBooks than paper books for the first time in its history. That signaled a shift. Suddenly, the tide in the literary bay was sucked out to sea, leaving a muddy bog of barnacle-crusted driftwood and flopping fish. Observers were perplexed at the phenomenon. iPads, Kindles, Nooks, and eReaders of all makes and models began to appear, even in the hands of the most dedicated paper-philes. Authors all over began to realize: "Wait a minute, I'm working my tail or sacrificing myself and my family for a mere pittance. But with eBooks, suddenly, I can earn something much more reasonable? Hmmm...

A wall of water rose up and came crashing into literary bay, knocking publishers for a loop and offering the most boss waves ever for amateur writers everywhere. Suddenly anyone. ANYONE could get published. Pay for a cover. Pay for formatting. Or do both yourself. Upload it, and ZAM, you're on Amazon. This is quite possibly the greatest thing ever to happen to writers, but might also be somewhat of a stifling puzzle for readers. You're sitting there with a brand new Kindle and go to browse for books. SMACK, wave after wave after wave of potential titles knock you on your electronic keister. (see the pic above)  YIKE How do you know what books to get? How do you know which unknown author to trust? For Christian readers, the issue is compounded. How do I know I'm getting a story that I won't feel dirty while I'm reading it?
Enter Spearhead Books. Spearhead is a professional writer's guild.  The concept originated in the mighty minds of the Miller Brothers and was sharpened by the likes of Christopher Hopper and yours truly. We are creating a brand, a seal of trust. When you go looking for new books, we want you to have a landing pad, a place to start. Four authors now, but many more to come. And every single title published will be: professionally edited and proofed, triple-checked for content, and adhere to a standard of Biblical quality. 

A user-friendly rating system will let readers know the kind of content they can expect. Easy to browse listings and reader reviews--even an interactive forum will allow the most important people: THE READERS to help other readers find something they'll like. Come visit the Spearhead website. Take a look around. This is the kickoff, and there's much, much more to come.

I didn't want to take any spotlight from the Spearhead announcement, but thought some of you might want to see the cover for The Errant King, book 2 of the Dark Sea Annals. What do you think?