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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Contest Update, Quest #3, and Videos

Hi, all

Spectacular first couple of weeks in the contest. Scores are up to date as of now.

Please check the Treasure Points Section of the original post for a few new point getters. ;-)

Okay, it's Quest Time:

Big Time points available here, but it will require sacrifice. Here's the deal. Moms need adventures too. Moms work so hard and often for very little thanks. But when you do say thank you to a Mom without them prodding it out of you, it means a TON!!

The task: Using your own earned money--be it allowance, odd jobs, part time job, whatever so long as you personally earned the money--then go and buy one of Author Sharon Hinck's books: The Restorer, Restorer's Son, Restorer's Journey, Symphony of Secrets, or preorder Stepping into Sunlight. Give it to your mom and thank her for all she's done for you.

eMail me the receipt and tell me how you earned the $$$ for the thank you gift. Do this by July 31st, and you earn 300 Treasure Points! Note: this is nonrepeatable. One time only.

And check out the YouTube book promotional videos made by some of my awesome readers!