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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Speechless: Teens Create Promo Video for Curse of the Spider King

Why title this post "Speechless"? Easy. That's what I was when I watched this video. You need to understand that ALL of this is totally original material. These brilliant kids wrote the script, filmed, acted, edited, created the special effects, and applied them postfilming, and wrote and performed the original soundtrack.

I don't know about you, but I nearly jumped out of my chair when I saw that giant Warspider on the kid's roof. Please post a comment and let these prodigies know what you think of their 100+ hours of effort.

Post Script: It seems that this blogger format won't show the full screen version of the video and like a third of the right part of the screen didn't show up. Here's the link so you can see it full screen:

Post Script 2: My 12 year old son watched the video and just about flipped off of our bed!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tribe Building Contest: Quest Alert!

March 1st.

That is the deadline for the Curse of the Spider King Tribe Building Contest. Right now, the standings are close. VERY CLOSE. I will post standings one more time before the end.

Time Sensitive Quest!

Looking for Vanadil Points? Here's a chance to get a pile of them:

Purchase a Copy of Curse of the Spider King by clicking on my Amazon link in the sidebar. This purchase is designated as a gift that you plan to give to a friend or family member this Easter. This quest is repeatable as often as you wish, but only until March 1st. Note: this does not apply to books purchased prior to today: Feb. 19th.

Vanadils Earned for each Spider King Book Purchased for this Quest: 5000

This also applied to any of my other books purchased from my sidebar Amazon links, but the vanadils earned will be 1000 per book.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I need your ePinion about something...

Hi, all! I guess, by now, everyone has heard of eBook readers: Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, etc. Kinda makes you wonder where the publishing business is going. But the purpose of this post is NOT to debate whether or not paper books would ever or should ever go away. 
But I want to do some fact finding. I figure most of the folks who visit here are pretty avid readers. What I want to know is how many of you:

A) Own an eBook reader of some kind or have access to one?

B) And, of those who could potentially read eBooks on a reader: what would you think of me writing a book to publish ONLY for eReaders? I literally have 24-28 book concepts fleshed out and saved in digital folders. What if I wrote one just for eBooks? The price would be much lower $3-5, most likely. 

Thoughts? Insights?