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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Two New Books You Might Like

If you haven't heard of author LB Graham or read any of his work, you're missing out. Seriously, his early fantasy work, The Binding of the Blade Series, has some of the best world-building since, well since Tolkien. Really, it's that good. Rich, lush, imaginative places you'll want to visit and tromp around in.

So times, they are a' changin' and LB Graham is bravely venturing into new forms of publishing. He has TWO new books out now, and I'm certain they will be cool on an epic scale. Take a look:

“The Raft, The River, and The Robot”


GENRE – Futuristic (so scifi I guess), also dystopic
AUDIENCE – I think a publisher would call it YA, though I think older readers, especially fans of Huck Finn will like it too.
AVAILABILITY – Right now it is KDP select, which means as an ebook, it is only available from Amazon for the Kindle; it is also available as a paperback from Amazon
COST - $2.99 for the book, $11.99 for the paperback


The Raft, The River, and The Robot  for KINDLE 

The Raft, The River, and The Robot  PAPERBACK 

"Avalon Falls"

Synopsis: Jimmy Wyatt has come to Avalon Falls to find refuge. He has secrets and a past he’d like to forget. But, when a brutal murder shatters the tranquility of the town, his aren’t the only secrets that come to light.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Question of Leadership...

Two subjects that stir up angst in "polite conversation" are religion and politics. 

One can hope, anyway. 

Did you watch the debate? Was it what you expected? It sure wasn't what I expected, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Here's my .02 for what it's worth.

The debate demonstrates the choice ahead. Obama is a nice guy, a talented guy, a role model for many, a feel-good story, eloquent, and charismatic. But he's not qualified to lead a nation like the U.S. He can look good, sound good, feel good, but in the end he's overmatched by the job. His first 4 years show that ultimately he was too much style and not enough substance. That was how it went last night in the debate. Romney came with a plan, he articulated it clearly, supported it repeatedly, and responded on-topic to his opponent. Obama clearly hadn't prepared enough. He spoke with emotional euphemisms. He rarely offered any kind of support besides more emotional pleas. And he really didn't respond to Romney's arguments. It was kind of surreal to behold. These are supposed to be MASTERS of debate. But in any high school debate club, kids could recognize the numerous flaws in Obama's approach.

Pundits from both parties can pull statistics out of their ears and make them sound like they mean pretty much whatever they want. But, if people HONESTLY look at the last four years and ask, "Are we better off today than we were four years ago?" The answer is absolutely not. And it's not close. If you vote for Obama this year, you are likely voting out of devotion to a side. You are a lifelong Democrat or Liberal or just a fan of Obama, and no matter what the policies are, you're voting Obama's way.

If you are voting on policies and potential, there's no way you can't vote for Romney. He's not perfect. No, and he's not even stellar. But Romney is clearly more prepared to perform the duties of President. He is much more likely to enact policies that will actually help the U.S. Obama offers nothing new, and the old axiom holds true: insanity is doing the same thing over again but expecting a different result.

IMHO no sitting President should be voted into a second term UNLESS he/she has made marked improvements in most major areas of government: economy, defense, education, health, law, etc. Acting like we need to "give the guy a little more time" is ridiculous. Either the candidate arrives in office, prepared and purposeful, and over 4 years makes major improvements or OUT HE/SHE GOES.

Vote for Romney this year. He'll be a better president. And maybe in four years, we'll actually have two GREAT candidates to debate.

Monday, October 01, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

You know, this time of year is starting to feel like Christmas to me. No, not because Walmart and Kohls put out their Christmas decorations in the middle of SEPTEMBER! I mean, really?

But for an author, anytime a new book comes out, it's Christmas all over again. So this Fall, I am absolutely going crazy with fun and gratitude. Why? Well because so many of my books and stories are coming out all at once!

Check out the new stuff, and Happy Reading!

1) Berinfell Prophecies Book 3: The Tide of Unmaking
Christopher Hopper and I, at long last, release our final Berinfell book. It was such a joy to write together and create this series.  It's a shame we had to blow up half the world, but hey, the story gets what the story wants.

2) Imagination Station Book 8: The Battle for Cannibal Isle
This is my first book with Focus on the Family. And I must confess that it was kind of a "training wheels" experiment for me. Focus Author, Marianne Herring, was awesome helping me learn the ropes of writing for this markedly different age group. She wrote most of the book, but I kept a busy hand involved. I have another book in the series coming soon. If you have 1st thru 4th graders, maybe give this one a try!

3) Skeleton Project: Fright Pack #1
The first four Skeleton Project stories are out, so I wanted to publish them all together and give you a break on the price. You get all four stories for $2.99, saving you about $2.00. Plus, there's a super secret sneak preview included. A future novel that my students promised to hunt me down and kill me if I didn't write it. It's called "Unnatural."  Enjoy!

As always, thank you for being faithful readers. I know I've still much to learn about the craft. And I know there are ten thousand writers out there with ten times my talent, but have not yet had a chance to publish. I am everlastingly grateful…honored, and humbled by the gift. God is good. My readers are too. 

Please keep those Amazon reviews coming! And spread the word to any fiction readers you know! Thank you!

Never alone.
-Wayne Thomas Batson