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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Hunt Continues...and Misc Cool Items of Interest

Ahhhhh, the turkey is done. Delicious, I must say. My mom makes this spectacular stuffing with sausage and walnuts in it--YUM! {Ducks as shirt button pops off and ricochets around the room} Wow.

Misc. Cool Item of Interest #1: Just discovered that Rob Bedford over at supercool fantasy mecca has a review up for Isle of Swords. Check it out by clicking the link below. For Misc. Cool Item of Interest #2, read all the way to the bottom. I promise it will be worth your while.


Just a reminder that you have until Christmas 2007 (Just one month left) to *enter the:

Isle of Swords Treasure Hunt

*By the way, all it takes to enter is to post here saying, I'm in!
**Holiday Shopping time is upon us. Know anyone who likes fantasy or pirate adventure? Buy 'em a Door Within or Isle of Swords book and join the contest!

Here are the details once more for anyone new to The Hunt:

Might Ye Be Lookin' Fer Treasure?

Announcing the Isle of Swords Treasure Hunt Extravaganza!

To the Winners Go the Spoils:
('s what you can win)

The Top FIVE Adventurers who accumulate the Treasure Points will receive a signed book of their choice. AND for each of the top 5, I will name a character* in my next fantasy series after you. That's correct: I'll use your real name, your username, or a character name you create as a character in my new fantasy series. Of course, if your name is Bob, we might want to go with something a little more fantasy-ish.

For the #1 Treasure Points getter, I will give you one copy of every new book I write...for LIFE. That means, should the Lord allow me to live long enough to write all the stories rattling around in my head, you will get a signed copy of each one sent directly to you. Of course, if you move and don't give me your new address, then…someone else will be getting all those books. Doh!

*No Guarantee that your character won't get killed off in some horribly unpleasant manner.

Your mission, should you choose to--ah, you know the rest--is simply this accumulate the Most Treasure Points possible by Christmas 2007 by completing any and all of the tasks listed below:

Treasure Points Tasks Key

5 Treasure Points:
•Mention ANY of my books in a blog thread--your blog or someone else's--post the link in your comment.
•Recommend ANY of my books to someone you know--say who it was.
•Post a link to my blog anywhere on your blog--then, post the link here.
•Post a review of any of my books on a non-review site like a blog, school page, etc. Post a link here.

10 Treasure Points:
•Write a review of any of my books on Amazon or any online review site. Post the link for the review once it's up.
•Post cover artwork from any of my books on your blog and make it a link to Amazon or CBD. Post the link in your comment on this thread.
•Post a link for my book's Amazon or CBD page on your blog. Then, post the link here.

20 Treasure Points:
•Write a review of any of my books and post it on three different online review sites. Post the link for the review here once it's up.

25 Treasure Points:
•Recommend ANY of my books to someone you know--say who it was. And then, this person chose to buy the book!
•Spot ANY of my books in a bookstore outside of the state in which you live. Post here to let us know where and when.

50 Treasure Points:
•Buy a copy of Isle of Swords and post when and where you bought it.
•Buy any of The Door Within Books and post when and where you bought it.
•Write a review of ALL of my books and post ALL of them on THREE online review sites. Post the links for the reviews once they're up.
•Buy a copy of any book by one of the Fantasy Fiction Tour Authors: Sharon Hinck, Bryan Davis, and Christopher Hopper.
•Create an Amazon Listmania List that includes The Door Within Books and Isle of Swords.
• Write AND present a book report on any Wayne Thomas Batson, Bryan Davis, Christopher Hopper, or Sharon Hinck book at school. 100pts. if you earn an A+ for that assignment.

75 Treasure Points:
•Go to a store that does not carry my books and special order it from that store.
•Go to a store that does not carry my books and persuade them to carry any of my books. Then, post here to tell us what store has now agreed to carry my book(s).
•Buy any of my books and donate them to your church library. Then post here to say where you bought them and what church received them.

100 Treasure Points:
•Buy a copy of ANY of my books for the Youth Group Leader of your church. Post a comment here to tell who, when, and where.
•Buy one copy of EACH of the Fantasy Fiction Tour Authors: Sharon Hinck, Bryan Davis, Wayne Thomas Batson, and Christopher Hopper. (4 Books total) Post here to say where and when.
•Buy both of Christopher Hopper's books: Rise of the Dibor and The Lion Vrie. Post here to say where and when.
•Buy both of Sharon Hinck's Sword of Lyric Books: Restorer and Restorer's Son. Post here to say where and when.

400 Treasure Points:
•Buy The Door Within, Rise of the Wyrm Lord, The Final Storm, and Isle of Swords (ALL FOUR of my books). Post here and tell where you bought them and when.
•Buy all of Bryan Davis's Dragons in Our Midst Books (4) Post here to say where and when.

Note: Each of the preceding MAY be repeated as many times as you like.

Note #2
: Each of the preceding must be performed from this day (September 18th, 2007) forward. But, upon further review, I have decided to allow contestants to count THREE past book purchases for Treasure Points. So, if you bought The Door Within, Rise of the Wyrm Lord, and The Final Storm last year, you can count those three, but no others.

Note #3: To claim ANY Treasure Points, you must post a comment on THIS thread explaining how you accomplished it.

Note #4
: I may add to the list of Treasure Point Tasks at any time--and likely will because my twisted mind is always churning...

Note #5
: Keep track of your own Treasure Points. I will keep a running tally in my sidebar and try to update it every week or two. But you should keep your total as well.

Note #6
: You cannot kill several birds with one stone. Make sure you indicate in your post how many Treasure Points your accomplishment earned you. In other words, you can't buy one copy of The Door Within, count it for 25 points and then count it AGAIN once you buy the whole series 100 points.

Note #7
: Any and all of the requirements are subject to change as I see how this develops. I want to keep it fair.

Misc. Cool Item of Interest #2: Remember we just learned that Corner of the Sky Entertainment decided not to pursue The Door Within Trilogy for a future movie? Well, I've recently learned that another incredible opportunity may be on the horizon. I can't give details yet, but soon, a very connected person on the West Coast will be getting copies of The Door Within Trilogy and Isle of Swords for review. If he likes what he reads…good things could happen.

Please pray. I'll provide more details when I can.

Never alone.

--Wayne Thomas Batson


Unknown said...

I hope everything works out well with this new opportunity, but don't keep us in suspense too long.

Anonymous said...

You just made my day right there. I hate suspense....drives me up the wall and back.
I pray everything turns out well. Have a spectacular day!

Unknown said...

Any speculation on what this might be? I'm guessing it's another movie opprtunity because I don't know what else it could be. Any help here?

Anonymous said...

I just created a listmania. 50 pts.
I also created a review for The Door Within but it may not be posted yet. 10 pts.
So that puts me at 60 more points.

Anonymous said...

Ah! More suspense! Oh well, I guess this means I get more practice with my patience.

Unknown said...

My librarian is thrilled of your future visit to our reading group, ordered a bunch of copies right away to hand out next meeting!

That review was great, read it a few days go as I was surfing SFFworld

I love stuffing, but your mother's stuffing sounds excellent, you are making me salvate at the mouth!

I'll be praying about the possible movie, hopefully it will turn out good, yet who knows! (Maybe Peter Jackson?)

Unknown said...

Oh by the way There is a sequel to Cry of the Icemark called Balde of Fire. There is a third book coming out next year. Man that series by Stuart Hill is excellent!

Amy Browning said...

Hey Wayne,

Here're my Treasure Points as of today:


5 pts. - mentioned books in my blog:

55 pts. - recommendations: Jeremy, Crissy, Jesse, Aly, Justin, Candee, Sara, Rachael, Eve, Jessica, DragonRider

5 pts. - put link on my blog:

5 pts. - put a review on my blog:

10 pts. - put review on Shelfari:

10pts. - cover art with link to Amazon:

40 pts. - posted 4 Amazon links in my sidebar:

50 pts. - Listmania list with all 3 DW and Isle:

10 pts. - Amazon review:


There'll be 400 more as soon as I pick of IoS. :)

~Just*Flinn~ said...

(Bouncing up and down with joy and squeaking uncontollably), Oh my goodness!!! I am so excited! What is this news? How can you keep us in such suspense? Oh, and by the way, I will pray about it!;)

therosepatch said...

Wayne...I don't mean to be a bother, but with only a month left, I need to know the answer to this question - does it count if we buy one of Bryan Davis' DioM audiobooks?

WayneThomasBatson said...

No bother Pais. Yes, audio books count! Rock on!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering why my name still isn't on the list yet? I have 5 points.

therosepatch said...

Thanks Wayne :) *hugs* So that brings my total to... 715 :D

therosepatch said...

Four reviews for Rise of the Wyrm Lord:




therosepatch said...

So that brings my total to 755 :)

Arysta Henry said...

That's great Mr. Batson! I hope this works out. I'm really excited for you!

DragonRider said...

I bought Raising Dragons, the candlestone, circles of seven, and tears of a dragon.

therosepatch said...

I can't remember some of the other places I posted reviews at ... and the original thread is gone *cries*

Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to put the rest of our points on this post? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey, more points! I reviewed all four books at this address:

that's 40 points, which gives me 1240, if I'm right about the whole 5 pts. per person told thing, which i'm not sure about.

Btw, I am officially changing to Jconn for my username. Hope no-one gets confused!

ShoopTroop said...

I collected some more points to add:
*I added a picture of Isle of Swords with a link to on my blog ( (10 pts.)
*Added a review for Isle of Swords on my blot (5 pts.)
*created a Listamania on Amazon with all four of your books included. It's under the title of "Fast-Pace Fiction" by "Lucy", here's the link:
That's 50 pts.
So, in all, I think that puts me at 1425. Thanks!

ShoopTroop said...

I just tried to write a review on, for Isle of Swords, but I couldn't find it after I wrote it,so I'm not sure if that counts or not. It's under the title of "I Love It!" I think that's 10 pts. if you count it :)

Famous Person101 said...

May I get 50 points, please?

50 Treasure Points:
•Buy a copy of Isle of Swords and post when and where you bought it.

I did that! I bought it....... 2 months ago? And at Family Christian Book Store.

Anonymous said...

thats so incredible, i am very excited that i found this, way to go google ;-)...if this works out...i gotta find out about how to audition, if you know anything, let me know!

ohh, btw im writing a "letter" to you for a state-wide literature "contest" here in Alabama!!

WayneThomasBatson said...

No audition necessary. Just start completing tasks!

And welcome to Enter The Door Within, G-sus Freak!


Cole Forehand said...

ok, so, now that i have "officially" made myslef a Google/blogger account, im gonna go ahead and enter this contest!!

I'll just put down all of the point receiving things so far,

25, recommended door within books to Chris Lenior, and he bought Final Storm, after "stealing" my copies for a very long time!!

25, Books-a-million in Ga, i actually bough Rise of the Wrym Lord there!!

25, A very small outpost of Family Christian stores at Valle' Crucis Conference Center in NC, my mom bought me Isle of Swords there!

400, I got all four books, my mom got me The Door Within 2 Christmases ago (does that count?) ,and I have gotten the rest consecutively as they have come out

100, wrote and got a 97 on a book report on "The Door Within" last october

100 (maybe), im writing a "Letter" to you for a state-wide lit. competition here in Alabama

so if everything ends up counting i think that is 675 points!

Anonymous said...

Added some more points:
*recommended all three DWT books to a friend at church (15 pts.)
*recommended all four of your books to another friend at church
(20 pts)
*recommended all four of your books to five people (100 pts.)
I believe that puts me at 1560.

Anonymous said...

Here's more points:
*recommended 4 books to 3 people at church. (60 pts.)
I think that puts me at 1620 total.
Oh, and Mr. Batson, I know I've already asked this, but I really need to know the answer since the deadline is Christmas--is it okay that my brother has helped me with some points? (recommending them to people?--he's read them and loved them) If not, then I need to take those points away. But if they do count, then that's awesome!
Thank you once again for having the contest!

Anonymous said...

Well, after looking at what other people are doing, everyone's counting 20 points per person told about you book, so I guess I misinterpreted it. That would put my total back at 1320, and I have more points coming soon.

Anonymous said...

20 points for telling my friend Megan about all four books! that's 1340 points.

Anonymous said...

Added more points!
*Created a listamania on (
(50 pts.)
I think that puts me at 1670.

Anonymous said...

omg dream come true! ok i bought the door within triligy in may at life way christian store and the forth is my x-mas presant ^_*

Anonymous said...

just posted!!! woop woop

Anonymous said...

36 recomentds to village christian school people so far....
woop woop i did another

Anonymous said...

i have ALL of the dragon in our mist series and oracles of fire that he ahs so far i love these books and how he uses king arther in them but i was so upset to see karen die!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

woop woop thats 695 points!!!

DragonRider said...

I hope this is the right spot for this. I just posted a commet to a blog about your books.

Dragon Rider

DragonRider said...

P.S. I forgot I told my science teacher, my english teacher, my reading teacher, Delica, and Corey about your books.
Dragon Rider

Anonymous said...

*Recommended all four of your books to 3 people at church this morning (20 pts.)
*recommended The Door Within Trilogy to two people at church. (30 pts.)
I believe that puts me at 1720 points total.

Anonymous said...

I put a review on my family's blog to Isle of Swords (5 pts)
I think that puts me at 1725.

Anonymous said...

I recommended the door within trilogy to my friend, Madeline. I have 10 points!

Anonymous said...

I wrote a book report on Isle of Swords for school and got an A+! My teacher really liked it and now wants to read the book. :) (100 pts.)
I believe that puts me at 1825 total. Hopefully I'm counting this right.

therosepatch said...

I just purchased four books today: Raising Dragons (putting it in with my Prison Fellowship Angel Tree gift), The Door Within (for my nephew Jacob), Isle of Swords (for my nephew Josh), and The Secret Life of Becky Miller (for my sister Lori). I bought the first three at Lifeway, and the fourth at New Life Christian Bookstore.

So that brings my total too ... 955! :D

Scoutboycr said...


Although this is being posted during double points week, most of this activity happened before, so I am counting with the old points scale.

I bought all your books;
The Door Within-July 15 Campus Crusade for Christ Bookstore (National staff conference) Ft Collins, CO
Rise of the Wyrm Lord – Sept 10th Christian Supply bookstore
The Final Storm – Nov 5th – Special order Barnes & Noble
The Isle of swords Nov 5th – Special order Barnes & Noble
That is 400 points for the books. We intentionally special ordered two of them (The Final Storm,The Isle of Swords) from someplace that didn’t carry them and worked on convincing them to carry your books. Not sure if this would count towards the 75 points each for special ordering, or if that would be counted as double dipping. Also the first book was bought in Colorado, outside of my state, another 25 points (where & when above)

My friend Atticus bought two books Rise of the Wyrm Lord & The Final Storm – 25 points each – 50 total
Tracey bought all four – 100 Pts total

Recommended the books to friends Elisah, Daniel, Ellie, Gabe, Grace, Karen, Max, Aaron, Megan, Kathy, Susan, Sandy, Penny, Alora, Tonya, Gini, John, Scott and Sherry. I recommended all four books to them, 5points, four books 19 people, 380 points.

Link on my mom’s facebook to your blog & mentioned in a note to all of her friends. 

Amazon Review:

CBD review

Barnes & Noble
10 points each for the blog (facebook) link and review, 5 points for mentioning it on the blog - 45 points.

I think makes the total to 1150.