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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Skeleton Project, Episode TWO is available NOW on Kindle!

Happy Sunday, all! I apologize for the delay, but Skeleton Project Episode TWO is now LIVE on Kindle!

Skeleton Project Agents Pershing and Minnis are once again thrown into the clutches of the supernatural. Scares and laughs abound as Pershing comes face-to-face with his darkest fear. And even Minnis, with her powerful arsenal of weaponry, may not be able to bail him out.

Skeleton Project 2 "A Bug Going Around," Only $1.29:

If you haven't read Skeleton Project, Episode ONE yet, you're in luck. It's FREE today on Amazon:

Or, you can just click the links in the sidebar. 


Anonymous said...

When is The Tide of the Unmaking be out?

Taisia said...

Ooh! Goody! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay! I read the preveiw for skeloton project, but didn't have any money to buy it with! (i luv free stuff!) i know the second one will be as good as the first!

Anonymous said...

No! I missed it again! I can't believe this!