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Monday, June 29, 2009

New Blog Series: Writing and Publishing a Novel--Behind the Scenes

When I was little, the first three Star Wars movies came out and blew everyone away. The special effects of Lucas' ILM took us places we never thought possible. And whenever one of those "The Making of..." programs came on, I was one of those geeked-out fans who watched with rapt attention. I can still remember watching how they filmed the X-Wing Fighter chase through the Death Star channel. COOL.

Even now, I absolutely love watching all the extra material on DVD's. I count The Lord of the Rings Extended Version Bonus DVDs among my most cherished treasures. lol. So I got to thinking that so many visitors to Enter the Door Within have tons of questions about writing and publishing. What if I take you behind the scenes?

Christopher Hopper and I have finished Curse of the Spider King. We're getting ready to hit the sequel now. So for the next series of posts, I will literally show you the nuts and bolts of how a novel comes together. From invention to editing, polishing to publishing--you'll see how it gets done. So tune in! You might even get a few sneak peeks at the new book. ;-)


Unknown said...

Coolness!!!! YAHOO!!!!

Wooton said...

Cool!! Thanks Mr. Batson!

~Prism~ said...

Sounds awesomeful! Thanks!!!

Jare said...

This sounds sooooo cool!!
Thank you, thank you!


ElizabethMarieKauffman said...

SWEEETT!!!! I can't wait!! That sounds REALLY cool! :)


Rachel Kimberly said...

Wow! I've been hoping for something like this! Thanks, Mr. Batson!

Araken said...

Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

that will be so cool

by the way I love the new title at the head of the blog

The Lion Hearted said...

Hee hee, that sounds awesome!! Can't wait!

Hannah said...

Oh that sounds so cool!! I'm excited for the first post! Of course I'm also looking forward to reading the Spider King.
I recently finished reading The Door Within again...Oh my goodness! So good! I loved it even more than the first time I read it. When I finished it I got that listless, bittersweet feeling that comes upon finishing a really good novel. I was craving adventure! Fortunately, it's only the first in the series, so I have more to indulge in!!
Oh, btw, I love the new design!
Keep up the good work, Wayne!!!
Hannah S.

Unknown said...

Awesome!! Hopefully with these posts, your musical inspiration for this specific novel be revealed. Well for me personally, music's an essential element for constructing my stories.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Ah, Justin, since you ask:

Dream Theater: Black Clouds & Silver Linings

Seventh Wonder: Mercy Falls

Circus Maximus: First Chapter

Cloe said...

Can't wait!!!!!
And I'm really looking forward to reading the Spider King.

Anonymous said...

this is amazing!!! thank u for doing this!! cant wait for spider king