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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quest Alert #2: Ready to Surf?

Okay, here's quest #2:

Go to author Eric Reinhold's blog. Read at least one of his articles. Leave a comment on his blog. Find three facts about his new Fantasy book: Ryann Watters and the King's Sword.

Be the first to post the info on this thread, you get 100 points.

Be one of the first 20 to comment on Eric's blog and post on this thread, you get 50 points.

Example* of what your Post might look like:

Hi, this is SwordMuncher. I went to Eric's blog and read the article on Deep Fried Soccer Balls. I left this comment: Those sound tasty, but I much prefer deep fried Oreos.

Here are the three facts about his book:
1. It was first written in 1902.
2. It's about a goblin named Havewarts who picks his nose all the time.
3. The main setting is the dumpster behind a seafood restaurant.

*Note this is a fictional example--none of these things are true. Just an example of format.


Anonymous said...

My comment:
"I wish I could make the tour! The west coast is a bit far for me to make. I hope you have an amazing time with it and that lots of people get your book!"

Three facts:
Set partially in Mount Dora, Florida
The good guys are Ryann, Liddy, and Terrel and they have Gabriel's help
The bad kid is Drake and he got sent by a fallen angel

Kendall said...

I read the article "March Brings Excitement!" My comment: "Well, I had actually never heard of your books, but I'm very excited to look into them! Woot!"

1) Ryann is commissioned by the angel Gabriel (cool!) to find the King's Sword
2) The "fantasy" portion of the story takes place in Aeliana
3)Takes place somewhat in Mount Dora, which is 25 miles from the author's house

Anonymous said...

Oops. I forgot to mention which story I commented on. It was the one about the Motiv8 tour.

Anonymous said...

Man, I can't comment on his blog because I don't have an account. Could I get partial credit if I commented here?

I read "Update on Book 2" and wanted to say, "That's an awesome picture! I love the white dragon, it looks very...regal."

Three facts:
1). Ryann Watters is visited by the good angel Gabriel.
2). A dark angel visits a boy named Drake Dunfellow with commands to stop Ryann from finding the king's sword.
3). The spiritual aspect of the book is spiritual warfare.

Mr. Batson, could this count?

Bloody Jack said...

Entry read: "Update on Book 2!"

My comment:
"Sounds exciting! Another book to add to the "must read" list. Good luck with getting it finished, and have fun at the book signing!"

Three facts:
1.) the inclusion of a new race: the Hugons
2.) Sorcha (a white dragon) will be a more important character
3.) it will have more action than the first book

Anonymous said...

I read "Update on Book 2!". Here's my comment: "I haven't read your books yet, but they sound exciting! Good luck with the second!"

Three facts about his new book:
1. Sorcha the dragon plays a big role in the second book.
2. There are a lot of new characters.
3. It is longer than the first and filled with more action.

Ardian said...

I read the article: "New Youth Fantasy Novel: Available in Pre-release NOW!

My comment:
"Hey! I'll have to look into your book. It sounds interesting.


1. Drake Funfellow is given powers by a dark angel to stop Ryann Watters from getting the King's Sword.
2. Ryann has two friends named Liddy and Terell.
3. There is another world in this book.

Lifrasthir said...

I read the "Update on Book 2" post. My comment:

"Whoa, that picture looks amazing! I haven't read your books yet but I'll definately have to pick them up sometime. Godspeed with the second book!"

Three Facts:
1. Character Liddy Thomas secretly enjoys sewing but feels others might make fun of her hobby.
2. Drake Dunfellow's parents died in a car accident.
3. In the second book, a dragon named "Scorcha" will have a much bigger role compared to the little mention it got in the first book.

cameron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cameron said...

My comment:
"Sounds very cool i've never read any of your book but i sure will. Good luck on the second book!!!"

Three facts:
1. Sorcha (white dragon) plays a big role in the second book.
2. He just finish chapter 8 and has the book outlined.
3. He hopes to finish the book by Christmas.

Paris said...

I'm in the top 20, but I don't have a myspace acount, so here is what I would have put if I could:

Blog post: Publisher just sent books out to Mardel Bookstores!
Current mood: bouncy

Cool blog! I love that pic. Congrats on the book!

Paris A.

Nisly_Family said...

I commented and said: "That is a very cool picture. I love the way the mountains and the sky in the background look."

Three facts:
1. The book is set in the real town of Mount Dora, Florida.
2. Part if the book takes place in the land of Aeliana.
3. The main character, Ryann, is competitive and likes sports.

Nisly_Family said...

Ad, Mr. Batson, I just wanted to let you know that you can't post a comment on his blog unless you have a Google Blogger account, so some people aren't able to post.

Teranel said...

I read the article "Update on Book 2". I had to create a blogger account to post but it wasn't hard since I already have a gmail account. My comment was: "This sounds like another fantasy series to add to my "to read" list! I really like the picture posted with the white dragon; it makes me curious about the books."

Three facts are:
1) A white dragon named Sorcha plays an important role in Book 2.
2) Book 2 is titled "Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith".
3) He hopes to finish writing the book by Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I went to his blog and read an article on the first chapter in his book. I posted a comment saying that I would love to buy the book.
The three facts are:
1 A boy named Ryan meets the angel Gabriel
2 A boy named Drake meets a demon named Lord Elkron
3 Both boys are give spirtual gifts for their journey

Jonathan Maiocco said...

Hi, this is jon m. I went to Eric's blog and read about the update on book 2. (I might have accidently posted twice.)
Here are the three facts about his book:
1. Without a watch, Ryann Watters would be lost.
2. In the story, there is an animal named Griffin and he is a red fox.
3. Liddy Thomas enjoys sewing but is afraid people might make fun of her.

Anonymous said...

I read the article "Update on Book 2".
Um, I tried to comment, but it won't let me comment anonymously! If I WERE to comment, it'd probably be something like this...
"I love the picture! Book 2 sounds exciting! I still haven't read Book 1, but it's definitely on my to-read list! (I actually have a literal list, and it's on there.)"

Anyway, I'll still give three facts, even though I can't comment:
1. Corey Wolfe is the cover artist for Book 1 and Book 2
2. There are a lot of new fantasy creatures in Book 2, including the new race called "Hugons"
3. Book 2 is called "Ryann Watters and the Shield of Faith"
~fellow writer

Anonymous said...

I read the article "Update of Book 2"
When I tried to comment, it would not let me because I don't have a blogger name. However, If I could have left a comment, I would have said, "I have never read your books before but by what you sait about your new one coming out, I am very interested in reading one of yours!"

Three facts:
1. There are going to be fantasy creatures galor.
2. Sorcha the White Dragon plays a key role in the story.
3. Book two is filled with intense action.
Will this count even though I could not leave a comment on his page?

-Lindsay W.

Ian said...

I read the latest article, the one on the fantasy art piece and Eric's second book. My comment went as follows:

I'm not usually a big fan of art, but good fantasy pictures pique my attention...:)

Your books sound great...but they're going to steal all of my ideas for my own books! :) Haha. I'd better get to it, or the accomplished authors are going to sweep me out :P

(I left it a few hours before this one...)
And my three facts:
The hero finds a ring that changes colours to tell him what to do
There are talking animals in the book (in Alienna, the mystical world)
There are two boys who are given tasks and powers by angels: the hero is given the task by Gabriel, the archangel of God, and the other is commissioned by a dark angel who fell from heaven.
The book starts off in the same state where the author lives

I know, that's four. But I think I might have kinda repeated some that people have already said...


Magma said...

I commented on July 14th's post of "Update on book2!"

Three Facts about the book:the angel Gabriel recruites Ryann to find the King's Sword,
Ryann's friends are helping him try to find the King's Sword,
the school's local bully has been recruited for the other side and he keeps trying to stop the trio.

Jconn said...

I read the article "New 'Happy Birthday America' Contest!" and posted:
"Oh, wow! sounds cool! Let's see... Oh, I know someone in Alaska! i'll write them right away!"

And I learned that:
the 'our world' part of the story is set in Mount Dora

the fantasy part is set in Aeliana

An the white dragon, Sorcha, is not mentioned much in the first book but plays a key role in the second book

Running total: 660 points!

Magma said...

oh...I forgot to mention that I read the article before I posted on it.

Magma said...

hm....I'm guessing I'm supposed to post what my comment was....I guess I subconsciously thought the info I needed to post was the info about the book....*shrugs*

my comment on Update on Book2: cool!
(ya never said it had to be a long comment ^.-)

Nisly_Family said...

Umm, Mr. Batson, I don't know about everyone else, but I never got 50 points for my comment.

Magma said...

ditto...well....last time it was updated(on the 18th) mine didn't get the 50.
it might be because our real names our different then our usernames.