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Friday, May 11, 2007

Who Will be #10,000???

I'm a little amazed at how much traffic has blown through here since I got a counter and opened this blog for real back in January. I have to tell you all that I've really been challenged and encouraged by so many who visit here. I've made quite a few new friends and have sharpened up friendships with others. I know that there are plenty of hideously evil applications for the Internet, but it's great to be able to connect with other Christians and other Christian Fantasy fans. Not that you have to be a Christian to hang out here. It's not that kind of place. But thanks to all who have made this a homey community.

Now who will be the 10,000th visitor? We're almost there.


Amy Browning said...

I posted this under a different one, but then you put this up, and my comment seems to fit better under this heading.


Not to get too mushy, but this whole thing started with Wayne's blog and I've found so much fun and fellowship that it's touched my life in a spiritual way that nothing else has. So thank you to all my new friends and to Wayne for starting the "REVOLUTION."


Your blog has definitely become a comfy hang out for a lot of us. It is a welcoming Christian home filled with God's love for all His children (even the non-Christian ones). You've taken what could've been an "all-about-me" kind of thing and turned it into a meeting place for anyone and everyone.

I'm personally blessed by this place in cyberspace. I've had so many fun experiences, made so many friends, and discovered a whole new world of Speculative Fiction.

May God continue His work through your little place in cyberspace.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Thanks, Amy. You're always so kind like that. And, btw, you were #9972.

Amy Browning said...

You're very welcome. Maybe I should leave and come back a few times to try and get to 10k.

Mwah ha ha...

Anonymous said...

Not if I can help it! (this is where I turn against the maiden) ;-)

Anonymous said...

10,000!!!!!!!!!! ME!!!!!! Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!


everlastingscribe said...

Turn against the maiden? tsk tsk tsk. No good ever came of that.

I agree with Amy, what a wonderful place you have created here, a sanctuary, a place to test just how good we can be, and a place to encourage and inspire one another.

I'm not really surprised that you've created such a thing ;) it's in keeping with your character.

After all, if you want to know what a person truly believes watch what they do, don't just listen to what they say (or write)

So I'm not surprised.
But I am grateful.

Here's to the next 10,000.


Amy Browning said...

Yay Scribe! Well met.

And Brett you're forgiven about the 10k. I would've done it too if I didn't have to leave last night. And besides, I got to be the first #100 comment on the blog. We're even now. :)

Anonymous said...

Hitting the refresh button does wonders :)

Amy Browning said...

Ah - your secret is out now Brett.

Unknown said...

Hey Brett! When are you gonna get yourself a blog-so we can park at your pad (and maybe high-jack it a litle:)

everlastingscribe said...

I agree with Lady Eve, Brett needs to exit stage hurriedly, pursued by a bear. . .no that's not right. Oh, I know, m'lord Brett needs to get himself a blog.

Anonymous said...

Though I don't have a Blogger blog thingymabob....I have a Freewebs and a Xanga. One is a book site for my books I'm writing, and the other is more like a journal.

You need a (free) account to leave a comment on Xanga, but on Freewebs feel free to leave one.

*exits stage hurriedly, pursued by the angry bloggers* :P

Anonymous said...

Saweet! I just realized that Mr. B's new book comes out the same month as High School Musical 2. (I'm a musical nut....don't mind me....). It's a banner month for me!
(Yeah....even though I'm 18...ya gotta luv the singing and dancing)

Amy Browning said...

LOL Brett! I'd never have pegged you as a HSM fan. My daughter and I went to the concert here in Portland, OR. She just had a HSM themed 9th b-day party complete with homemade photo backstage passes on lanyards, HSM karaoke, the Remix version of the movie and LOTS of candy and popcorn. She's a HUGE fan, by proxy, I am too. I know all the lyrics and almost all the lines by now.

I'm just so tickled that you're into it. :)

Anyway - yes, in our house as well, it will be a banner month.

*Bears are scary. Run, Brett, run!

Amy Browning said...

Oh - and did you know that almost every actor in High School Musical is old enough to have been in college already? Except two, I believe.

Just a random fact. (See my 8 random facts for why that's funny.

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! lol. Concert...ooooh.
Mmhhmm I taught the youth group at our church the last dance song and we did it on stage for the congregation. That was fun :) I know most of the dance moves (shame on me...but it's so addictive) and the lyrics...but I can't sing worth dog food.
Yes, most people wouldn't label as a musical fan, esp. HSM, but you gotta luv the good things in life :)

Unknown said...

Ok, We got the keys, gals! Let's go rearrange Brett's furnature over at Xanga!!

Anonymous said...

HEY! You're welcome to visit but no touchy! I like my Narnia site as it is. :) Unless you have something High School Musical-ish. (I'll be changing my site's look when the 2nd one nears coming out)

Unknown said...

I like the Narnia-but not musical, sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Prom entry is up! (No pics yet...will post soon!)