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Friday, December 28, 2018

Hallooo, readers! Thank you for helping make 2018 my best year for self-published titles! I'm hoping to deliver a ton of epic goodness to you in 2019. Here's an update:

1) Book 3 of The Myridian Constellation: "The Forsaken Continent" is in the pipeline (see early draft of the front cover below). With the help of some great editors, I'm cleaning up the manuscript. That should take me a couple more weeks. After that, it's off to interior design and uploaded for Kindle. I'll also be asking Dave Cruse to continue voicing the series in book 3. Can't imagine any else reading for this series. If you haven't heard him in Sword in the Stars or Errant King, go listen to a sample on Audible. He's just ridiculously talented and skilled.

2) Book 4 of The Myridian Constellation: "Mirror of Souls" is about 40% completed. I'll be working on that hard and heavy, hoping for a summer 2019 release.

3) This summer, to celebrate my lovely wife's and my 25th wedding anniversary, we will be taking a 10-day trip to Scotland. During this trip, I'll be visiting many of the places that are key settings in "Ghost 2: Minister of Fire." I'm about 30% into that book, but decided to postpone until after Scotland. I plan to bust my rear on that book all summer and am hoping for an October 2019 release date.

4) Somewhere in and around all this, I have a short story called "Will o' the Wisps" for the Realm Makers Consortium anthology that will debut this summer.

5) And for Door Within Trilogy fans, I -MIGHT- have a huge surprise for you. But, right now, it's super hush, hush. I'll reveal what I can whenever I can. :-D


Emmarayn Redding said...

A trip to Scotland? That sounds great! Especially if you get to visit the settings of your book in-person. And as a Door Within Trilogy fan, I'm excited for whatever the, erm, * hush-hush * surprise is. ;) Have a happy New Year!

-Elethia Arvell of the Underground

NHarvey said...

I'm not sure how to email you (it looks like your email disappeared from the sidebar), but I noticed that you have a mistake in chapter 33 (1:40) as it appears on Scribd. It sounds like you made a mistake, then left a gap, and started again, but forgot to go back and edit the audio file.

Judah Cooper said...
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Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, all this sounds great! :D Mr. Batson, you have gotten me seriously curious and excited for the rest of 2019 now.

Wayne Thomas Batson said...

Hi, all! The creepy thing on the cover is the central enemy of The Forsaken Continent, but I can't reveal anything else right now. Thank you, everyone for your continued support of my stories. Never alone.

Unknown said...

WOW!!! It sounds like you've been very busy Mr. Batson. I will be looking forward to any new works of yours coming out, especially whatever the "hush hush" thing is.

Jraypatriot said...

I know it has been a while since you mentioned a possible Door Within movie. Any updates on that?

Unknown said...

Will there be a printed copy for book 3 or just kindle?