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Monday, August 10, 2015

Rejoice! Second Summer has Begun!

Usually around this time of year, I begin to lament the end of summer vacation. It's a malady peculiar to teachers and students, and it can really suck the joy out of what still might be glorious time spent. So, no more! No longer! I've discovered the cure!

Hence forward, today, August 8th will be the FIRST day of SECOND SUMMER!! Yes, that's right! In the spirit of Merry and Pippen's 2nd Breakfast, I declare that August 8th thru September 23rd will forever more be known as Second Summer!

After all, there's still plenty of sunshine to be had. Plenty of blooming and greenery. Plenty of fun times with family and friends. Plenty to praise God for! And, as a special bonus, there's FOOTBALL!!! What's not to like?

So who's with me? Mark it on your calendar! Second Summer begins TODAY!! Enjoy the season!


Unknown said...

Yes! Second Summer is here, and with it comes Football! #GoBucs

Unknown said...

Nice... By the way, are we going to be seeing any stories like the Berinfell Prophecies or Door Within series? I hope there is ,because I like the concept of traveling to another world, and I've noticed this aspect in all the stories I've read from you.