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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Build Your Tribe
Begin Your Quest

Last year's Tribebuilding Contest for Curse of the Spider King was a HUGE success! We had six active tribes who worked together to do some absolutely amazing things! Venom & Song, book 2 of The Berinfell Chronicles will ship to stores beginning June 9th, so in honor of Book 2's release Christopher Hopper and I are launching:
Tribebuilding Contest 2

This year's contest will use the same general rules as last year's contest,  so if you know the basics, skip the next part (in purple text). If you are new to Tribebuilding, make sure you read.


1. You will gather 14 people (friends, family, etc) to join your Tribe. As the gatherer of this tribe, you become the Tribe Leader.
2. Your goal is to have each member of the tribe do as many of the Tribe Tasks as possible, earning Vanadil Points for your Tribe.
3. Tribe Tasks are things like reviewing Batson or Hopper books on Amazon, Borders, CBD, B&N, etc. or making posters or videos, or blogging, etc.
4. The Tribe leaders send me a Tribe Report on the 7th of every month. The report lists what each tribe member did and how many points total were earned.
5. That's it. That's the basic contest.

Major Changes for this year's version:

1. Tribe can earn GINORMOUS points for Creative Open Category Projects! It will vary by concept. Just propose an idea, and I'll tell you how many points will be offered.  

2. Last year, we had six of the seven tribe names taken. If those tribes want to participate again, please let me know immediately so we can secure the Tribe Name for you. Additional tribes can create their own tribe name.

3. Tribe must be at least 14 people, not 21 like last year.

4. Tribes need not be geographically close in location to each other, but it helps when we plan the private book party.

5. Amazon Blitz, coming soon, so do NOT order Venom and Song just yet. If you order ON THE BLITZ DAY, it will mean ridiculous points for your Tribe! I mean OUTRAGEOUS, IMPOSSIBLY LARGE Numbers! WOOT.

Be on the lookout for RULE CHANGES coming soon.

I've outlined the entire contest and uploaded it page-by-page as you see below. You can click all the images and read right from the Web.


You can click HERE and download the pdf file.

Also, Tribe Leaders from last year, please email me about Rules/etc. that didn't work too well last year or were confusing. I'd like to make this year's even better than before.

 Let the games BEGIN!

Tribe Names Claimed Last Year:
*Note: email me right away if you want to reclaim your Tribe's Name, or I will open them for new Tribes!

Valorbrand: taken by Kiada/Starfast/Robby  

Silvertree: Taken by Keeneye 

Ashheart: Taken by AmyA

Nightwing: Taken by Jacob Parker  

Swiftstorm: Taken by Seth 

Shadowtear: Taken by TimV 

Oakenflower: Unclaimed

Flaming Arrow:Created by Sir Andrew


Did you think I forgot to mention prizes?

In addition to the prizes from last year (Private Book Party, Swords, Signed ARCs, etc), how about having EVERY member of your tribe mentioned in the Acknowledgement section of Berinfell Book 3*???

How about access to a special "Member's Only" Website full of Berinfell Lore, original Desktop art, games, and more!

CH and I are still thinking about additional prizes, so check back often for updates!

PS: Last year's Prize Winners will begin receiving prize packs in June! Thank you for your patience!


WayneThomasBatson said...

Anonymous, you can either start your own tribe and look for members, or you can announce that you want another tribe to pick you up. lol They are good at that.

Unknown said...

SWEET! I'm so excited! For any interested, I would like to say that Swiftstorm is in it again. We placed in the top three last time and we're determined to do it again. If you would like to join us we'd be glad to have you. Please email me at if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Awesome idea! Do you think we could have a writing contest next? I know a lot of your fans love to write fantasy!

Jake said...

Yeow!!! Wow, this ought to be awesome... How exactly can I contact people to join a prize, like in the Underground? Most of the people I know are on the internet. :P

Eagles Wings said...

If we joined a tribe last time are we still in that tribe or are we free to join another one?!

Anonymous said...

Ok Mr. Batson!! Thanks! I will probably have another tribe pick me up because I don't know exactly what you do with this! So I went to Heed the Prophecies and is that where you can find tribes??

Never Alone!!

Wooton said...

Mr. Batson, Keeneye, the leader of Silvertree during the last contest, is currently on a media fast. Could someone else who was on Silvertree claim the name?

Flying Falcon said...

I haven't done this before...and am still slightly confused. 8| What tribes are there right now?

Unknown said...

I'm thinking I will start a new tribe. Named... hmmm... Fireoath? Firestorm? Something like that... but I have to get people first.

Unknown said...

I'm doing this comment simply to get the follow up comments. This doesn't to be posted. Thanks,

Unknown said...

Chris: Do you know, when he (keeneye) comes back, that he'll want to do Silvertree again? I know of at least one tribe leader who won't be doing it anymore.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hi, Jake! You can announce Here or on the Underground to say, yes, I want to join a tribe. I'm certain one of the tribe leaders will then be in touch.

EaglesWings, you may be a part of any tribe you want, but let your previous TribeLeader know what you are doing. One thing to consider is we don't want to have any one tribe win simply b/c they have more people. CH and I would MUCH rather have 10 tribes with 14 people each than one tribe with 130 and one tribe with 14.

Chris, Silvertree is safe! Good for Keeneye! Sometimes we need to separate and prioritize.

Erin, see the original post for the Tribe names claimed last year. Silvertree, Swiftstorm, and Nightwing are the only ones likely to stay with their current Tribe Leaders. The others kind of fell away during the contest. Not sure they'll be back. Of course, best way to avoid the issue is make your own tribe! ;-)

Olympian: Fireoath is a rocking name! Wish I'd have thought about it. Seriously, if you don't mind, book 3 may have a new tribe called FireOath. With your permission of course! Love it!

Wooton said...

Seth: I really don't know, I asked him the question before he left but he didn't really answer, he said to text him if you needed something but since I don't have a cell phone or his number, I have been unable to

Wooton said...

btw, Mr Batson, you forgot to update the information on the PDF form about the number needed to start a tribe, it still says 21 people.
and a quick question: have any of the activities changed point values? (sorry for the multiple posts)

Anonymous said...

Wow... this was sudden. 0.0 I am excited but rather unprepared.

Mr. Batson, I'm sorry to bring up old history, but last time I came up with several open category ideas. In the rules you had said both that I would get points for coming up with the idea and that it would be announced on the blog for everyone to try. Neither of those things seemed to happen for anyone. Will they this year?

Would you please, please, PLEASE keep us updated throughout this contest? The last time it was very, very frustrating how little we heard from you in response to our contest questions. I understand you are very busy, but I think it would have helped us all immensely if you'd done one or two blog posts with updated rules and frequents asked questions. You'd get less emails and we'd be more organized.

I don't mean to keep griping, but the contest ended months ago and I've hardly heard a peep about who's winning what. If you wouldn't mind doing a brief post to indicate who won what, that would be very, very helpful.

I'm sorry this is long and seems complaining, but it would be incredibly helpful if you would address these issues. We'd be far more organized and motivated.


Leighton said...

Wayne, from talking to Jacob Parker, I have picked up that he may want to save the name "Nightwing" and hold a nomination to choose a new worthy Tribe Leader, so that tribe is off the list and yet still on in a more controlled fashion. :P

Ness said...

WOOT!!! GO WTB!!!!!!!!

I will probably join Nightwing again... i dunno...

Ayleth / BESM said...

How long is it going to last this time?

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Awesomeness! A little sooner than I expected but, I can run with that :)

WTB, I'll be emailing you shortly some ideas that I have.

@Jake, you can just email me and ask to join Silvertree ;)

@Chris, thanks for holding down the fort!

@WTB again, Totally! The fast was well worth it :D

Anyone interested in joining Silvertree (we placed second place and still have room to gain more points ;) ) email me!
If not, I can direct you to a good tribe.


Unknown said...

And Keeneye's back! It's good to have you back man. Now the fun begins... hehe. A lot of things with Swiftstorm changed this go-around. Should be interesting.

Jared said...

Wow! I'm in Swiftstorm. I can't wait to do some tasks!

TyrannosaurusBex said...

um, do I just post here to join a tribe?

I'm from NW Ohio, so if they're are any other tribes in my area that'd be great (^-^)

If not, I can just tag along with anybody who'll take me, and maybe start my own tribe next year.

TyrannosaurusBex said...

um, do I just post here to join a tribe?

I'm from NW Ohio, so if they're are any other tribes in my area that'd be great (^-^)

If not, I can just tag along with anybody who'll take me, and maybe start my own tribe next year.

TyrannosaurusBex said...

whoa, sorry for posting that like 3 times, I missed the "will be visible after blog owner approval" sorry!

TyrannosaurusBex said...

um, so do I just post here to join a tribe?

I'm from NW Ohio, so if there's anybody else in my area that'd be great (^-^)

If not, I can just tag along with anybody who'll take me, and maybe start my own tribe next year.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

@TyrannosaurusBex, I'm in your area! This is Keeneye, leader of Silvertree!

You'd be very welcome to join our tribe! Email me if you're interested!

Unknown said...

You have to remember though that the leader's location isn't a guarantee that the party will be there. I believe Silvertree does a vote on their party's location. As does Swiftstorm. I would recommend you go to the Underground forum ( and ask about tribes, get the details of each one and then make a decision. I know many people that regret making a quick decision without first learning about other tribes.

Nathan R. Petrie said...

Many people Seth? LOL Many on Swiftstorm I do believe ::whistles:: LOL jk jk jk

Unknown said...

Nay, my friend. I do not know of any on Swiftstorm that regret their decision (though you may). I was referring to some from last contest.

Ellewyn, High Queen of the Elves said...

This tribe thinger is way cool!! I've already joined one!

Anonymous said...

I would like to join, can I without an account?

Anonymous said...

What is a Tribe?

Anonymous said...

Can I join a Tribe?

Anonymous said...

Can I join?

Adam Jr said...

I wish I could have been a part of this....

HyperLinkzer said...

Since you did this one in honor of Book 2's release, could you do one in honor of Book 3's release? :)