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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Contest Update, Quest #3, and Videos

Hi, all

Spectacular first couple of weeks in the contest. Scores are up to date as of now.

Please check the Treasure Points Section of the original post for a few new point getters. ;-)

Okay, it's Quest Time:

Big Time points available here, but it will require sacrifice. Here's the deal. Moms need adventures too. Moms work so hard and often for very little thanks. But when you do say thank you to a Mom without them prodding it out of you, it means a TON!!

The task: Using your own earned money--be it allowance, odd jobs, part time job, whatever so long as you personally earned the money--then go and buy one of Author Sharon Hinck's books: The Restorer, Restorer's Son, Restorer's Journey, Symphony of Secrets, or preorder Stepping into Sunlight. Give it to your mom and thank her for all she's done for you.

eMail me the receipt and tell me how you earned the $$$ for the thank you gift. Do this by July 31st, and you earn 300 Treasure Points! Note: this is nonrepeatable. One time only.

And check out the YouTube book promotional videos made by some of my awesome readers!


Shane Deal said...

Interesting videos.

Glad to see you've updated your wordcount... Now I don't have to make you scrub the deck with your toothbrush. (It had been eight days you know...)

Kayla said...

Hey Wayne, what about her Becky Miller Series?

~Just*Flinn~ said...

Love the videos! Very neat! There's a small bookstore in my small town that doesn't carry Mr. Batson's books. Perhaps I shall have a word with him...

WayneThomasBatson said...

Hi, Kayla

Becky Miller books count too. I was just trying to steer folks toward her newest books.

Kayla said...

Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!

Magma said...

ummmm....would buying my mom one of the becky miller books work too, since they're also written by Mrs. Hinck?

Magma said...

nevermind....I really need to read the comments before I add my own.>.<

everlastingscribe said...

:-D Capt'n what a wonderful idea! Lady Sharon's books sit cheek-by jowel on my shelves with yours and Sir Christopher's tomes. I figure why let the alphabet separate great books and great authors? ;) At work, they are in the their 'proper' places, at home, they are free-range.

Lexi said...

I got 'The Restorer' for my mom!!! I haven't got to read it and it sounds like a great book, so I might have to borrow it back from her lol.

Love the YouTube videos, by the way-cool stuff!

Anonymous said...

Cool videos! Does anyone know what song was playing on the first one; I really liked it.

I'm having some trouble finding The Restorer books, but maybe I can get one of them when I go shopping tomorrow...or a Becky Miller book. Of course, my mom probably won't get around to reading it till she's fifty.

Brynn said...

The song on the first one sounded like the main theme from the soundtrack of "Braveheart."

Anonymous said...

okay, thanks!

Arysta Henry said...

Those videos were pretty cool and the baby one was really cute.

Brock Eastman said...


I purchased the below book for my mom and i earned my money from working at Focus on the Family. Thank you.

Dear Brock Eastman,

Here are the details of your transaction:

Order Number: XXXXXXX
Item Name - Quantity
Symphony of Secrets: A Novel (Paperback) - 1

Anonymous said...

I purchased "Symphony of Secrets" for my mom. I earned the money doing work study in college.

WayneThomasBatson said...


You should be able to find Sharon Hinck's books anywhere online: Amazon, Borders, B&N, CBD, etc.

Never alone.