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Monday, October 06, 2008

Fantasy Fiction West Coast Tour: Friday through Monday

If you've just watched the video above, you probably noted that LB Graham and I were absent for the Canada trip. We're both full time teachers and already taxing our annual leave to take the week off. So we had to fly in late Friday evening.

Shown above: Good morning, Seattle. Hmmm, what do you know...rain!

Author L.B. Graham demonstrates the proper novel-writing technique. Note the one finger typing.

On Saturday morning, we traveled downtown Seattle and visited TBN studios. The Fantasy Fiction Tour authors became the guests of the week on TBN show Exit 16. It's usually a variety show on the latest music, but they went for fantasy this time! As you can see above, we donned our cloaks, capes, swords, and bucklers back stage.

Then, on stage, guest host and agent extraordinaire , Gregg Wooding , interviewed all 8 authors plus Chris and Allan Miller who guested with us. The Miller Brothers have begun a new fantasy series called The Code Bearers. These guys are just the coolest around, and I have a feeling their books are going to make a HUGE splash in the market.

Later that same day, the Fantasy Tour headed to the Logos Harvest Bookstore on the other side of Seattle. And there, I finally got to meet Sir Cody and his family. We've been corresponding for over a year, and they drove 4+ hours to come see us. See above: here with my agent and good friend Gregg Wooding and author and friend Christopher Hopper.

True story (as you can see in the video below): The manager at the Logos bookstore asked us if we might do a little swordplay outside to draw attention to the store. OOPS. Not five minutes into a little duel, we caused a traffic accident. Author Bryan Davis and I had clashed swords a bit when CRASH. Apparently, the lead car was looking for the bookstore and saw us. He stopped rather quickly, and the driver behind was apparently looking at the goofballs dueling and slammed into the back of the first car.

Then it was off to Enumclaw (which I pronounced Nemunclaw and a half dozen other incorrect ways) where the Salt Shaker Bookstore threw us the coolest book party we could imagine. Signs hanging from the rafters, castle walls, torches--the works. What a huge turnout!

Then, Sunday, we went to Portland and Medford. Portland was a very special meeting as we gathered in a public gazebo in the middle of an open air mall. So many special fans came that day, including a very special young lady who showed me photos of her room which she had decorated in very stylish Door Within decor.

Special shout to Ben. I didn't get to meet you, but I'm praying for you. Stay strong in His mighty power.

Then, off we went to the Medford gig at the Evangel Bookstore in the Rogue Valley Mall. The book buyer for the chain, Dannal Newman and all the staff there did an astoundingly righteous event for us, including cool candelabras, treasure chests, and posters. I need to get some pics from Christopher from those events. Too cool not to see for yourselves.

The next series of pictures shows some of the INCREDIBLE scenery on our drive from Medford to Sacramento (where we are tonight).Is it just me, or does the above pic remind of you of Weathertop in LOTR? Can't you just see the black riders appearing out of the mist?

And last but not least, here is mount Shasta! God is the creator. All praise to Him.

More soon. Plus, the announcement I've been promising should be just days away.


Unknown said...

Too funny about the cars :)
Glad you got to meet my friend Amy!

Violinist4Christ said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting the videos and pictures! It helps to make up for those of us who are too far away to see you and the other authors.

Praying for you!


Katie said...

Man, I REALLY want to be there! That was pretty funny about the cars! I hope nobody got hurt! Are yall going to be coming to the East Coast next year?

aspire2 said...

Rejoicing w/ you in your success! (Can't say I'm surprised, though) Congratulations. :)

Anonymous said... guys went to Abbostford, BC..........and I only found out that very day that you were there!!!!!!!!!!! Even though that day wouldn't have worked well for close, yet so far away!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

Anyways, I hope you guys are having a great tour!

Jen said...

Thank you for coming to Enumclaw! It was so much fun to meet ya'll. And don't worry about the pronunciation... Just be glad you didn't come to Sequim or Puyallup! :-)

Yeah, if it didn't rain so much here, this state would be called Dryington instead of Washington.

If you want another picture from the Salt Shaker, I happen to have one of you posted over on my blog. :-)

Thank you again for taking a week off of your teaching to visit us!
Jennifer Peterson

Anonymous said...

My first comment! :)
It's so funny about the cars... I bet they couldn't resist watching the swordfight! :D
It does look like Weathertop... and Mount Shasta IS SO COOL. I used to live in sight of it. :) I SO wish we could have still been there for the tour!!

I hope you're having an awesome tour. :D

~Lady Melissa~

Helen Mae said...

Oh my! Your room was messy!
Ok, I am joking, It looked really fun! I like the picture with the rain, my kinda weather!