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Thursday, April 10, 2008

His Way Bookstore--Maryland Tour!

Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night I spent some wonderful time with the splendid staff and patrons of Maryland's His Way Christian Bookstores. His Way is dear to me for many reasons, but, in particular, because they were the first bookstore to offer to allow me to have a booksigning. No one had ever heard of me or The Door Within. The only thing I had going for me was a cool cover and one of the kindest, most-generous, servant-hearted young sales clerk named Michelle. She talked the owners into allowing the signing, she talked the owners into buying my books for their store, and since then, she has single-handedly hand-sold more of my books than I can rightly count. That's her on the left (my actual right), holding the sharp pointy thing. And no, this isn't a pic from the recent event. This is from the Fantasy Fiction Tour as we made a stop in Ellicott City. See, of all the pictures taken of the event, I was sad to see that Michelle didn't post any of herself. But that's the way she is…humble.

The first evening, I appeared in the Eldersburg store (seriously a stone's throw from where I live). It was a fun evening. I met Randi (with an I) and Andy (with a Y). Swashbuckling ensued.
Here are some pics:

Why Are You Smiling
(Above: Andy says, "Why are you smiling?" I of course reply, "Because I know something you do not know.)

(Above: a wonderful young lady named Kimmie. She's come to about a half dozen of my events. Glutton for punishment, I guess.)

Here are a few more from Eldersburg:


Dramatic Reading

Here There Be Swashbucklers

A pilaging we will go

Friday night found me at the Glen Burnie His Way Store. I met many kind people, including Lady Melody shown below along with her mom:

Eagerly Waiting

Here are some of the phenomenal props and decorations Michelle has hunted down and displayed at each signing:


Here be the capt'ns hat,Where be the Capt'n?

Pirate loot

Then on Saturday evening, we had a dual signing with amazing Emmy-winning writer George Bryan Polivka. He penned the Trophy Chase Trilogy, a thrilling tale by all accounts. Here are some pics of Bryan and I hamming it up with customers and staff:

Please Do Not Feed the Authors

Question. .

A Pair of Blackguards

Que Up

And Your Name Is?

You Write Books Too?!

As you can see, these were special events.

As I close tonight, I have so much more to write about. Many things have transpired in recent days, and there are some big announcements on the horizon. But the next time I post I will share news that is more important to me than any movie or book deal...

Til then,

Never alone.


Shane Deal said...

Gotta love you Wayne.

I see we both have the same pirate sword. If ever we should meet, twin blades shall shine!

The whole thing looks like you had a great time and met many wonderful people.

I love your haircut. (Ok, that was a bit random.)

Announcements! How very exciting. Thrills me to the bone.


Unknown said...

Very cool.

As for the announcements, GRGGHHH!!!! What is it with you authors with never being able to stop creating suspense?! *sighs* Guess I'll find out in a few days.

Anonymous said...

I just realized you were cut out of most of the pictures and that someone was always cut in half with the picture.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. You need to come to where I live! -pokes-

"Because I know something you do not know." ROFL! I'm trying not to laugh out loud and disturb the rest of my family xD

~Just*Flinn~ said...

Oh, I wish I could go up north for a signing, but no. *sigh*

It looks like you had a lot of fun!

*sits and ponders big announcement*

~Just*Flinn~ said...


"Because I know something you don't know."

Hee hee!

everlastingscribe said...

I am not left handed! *Ahem* But really, he is which proves he's in his right mind. . .and he shouldn't be cut out of the pictures, I was careful not to carve him in half. Try clicking on the image and seeing if it loads better for you that way. If not, I'll put a link up on my blog that will take you to the cashe of photos---there are some fantastic ones of the Capt'n here and the wonderful fans who could and did come out to say 'hullo'.


Keep watching his blog here for where he will be and when, and then beg and borrow transport, come dragon back if necessary or any way you can to see him! You will not be disappointed. I had several families come back and tell me over and over again how much fun and how much it meant to their young bloods to actually meet him and be encouraged by him. Cos really, that's what he does at these events.

You'd think it would be all about him but nooooo, he makes each one all about his readers and all about his fans. I think sometimes I have more fun than anyone else when we have these signings. ;)

Paris said...

Looks like you had fun. I'd love to play with one of those sharp pointy things!

Arysta Henry said...

I'm saving up for a sword at the moment, but its slow going. I love swords! Mr. Batson, when are you going to come to California?

The suspense is killing me.

servant4jesus said...

Love the door within books Mr. Batson! When are you going to come to Minnasota.


Anonymous said...

Honored to be on your blog!!! : )

Just a random question: Do you like "TobyMAC"? His music is really upbeat, and with you talking about listening to heavy metal or whatever it was... sounds like something that might interest you. Dunno.

~a fellow writer and your biggest fan

Emily said...

hey Wayne,
I cant wait for the annoucement!
Great props! = )


missunderstood.princess said...

*wispers* come to fayetville....
WOH NOW WHO SAID THAT!? gee wayne i think that VERY MISTERIOUS voice is right you should go to fayettville.......*hint hint*

Anonymous said...

Cool! I wish I could come up north to a book signing (sniffle)

Your pirate sword was very awesome.


everlastingscribe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sapphira Adi said...

That's so cool! The Maryland tour sounded really, really fun. Where will your next tour be. *coughs* Arkansas *coughs* Say, where can I get one of those swords? So, do you think you'd ever come to Arkansas for a signing? I'll give you brownies if you do:) Yes, a bribe;) lol. Cool post!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I wonder if you'd ever be able to go way up North.

Unknown said...

I might be able to come up to the co-signing with Mr. Davis on May 31st.

Anonymous said...

XDDD The things that got my attention in this post: The Princess Bride reference (Best. Movie. Ever.), and the girl in one pic wearing a Death Note shirt. XDD I'm in the middle of the DN series. Good manga. ^^ [/pointlessness]

Unknown said...

Elfish, you pointed it out before I had a chance, Death Note is an awesome anime series, though once you start it deprives your life till you finish it. Man I really want a shirt like that. Anyways, the signing looked fun and its great how supportive His Way bookstore is of your books.

Unknown said...

hey, great pics Mr. Batson! Can't wait for more news! But I was wondering if you would ever consider writing more about The Door Within Trilogy, or more stories from the Realm. Maybe you could write a book with a collection of new short stories that are "Door Within" related. Also, anymore fantasy novels?

Anonymous said...

Cool! I think *poke poke* that you should come to Arizona for a signing. (that might be kinda far though) Anyway, if it is entirely possible, please do!!!