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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Door Within...Drama?

Back in October, I flew down to Houston, Texas to speak and sign books for Second Baptist School. Little did I know they had prepared a great surprise for me. The students and staff wrote, directed, and starred in a dramatic portrayal of The Door Within. I know from this clip, it will be hard to capture the power of the moment. But, I can tell you, it was extraordinary. I was literally moved to tears. Righteous kids, righteous staff, righteous trip.



Shane Deal said...


Anonymous said...

That was amazing!

Anonymous said...

That was neat! They did a very good job.

Roheryn said...

That was awsomeful!!!
Amazingly done, I only wish that I could have seen the whole thing

Christopher Hopper said... how cool was that to be there?

Bro, you are getting all these amazing honors. For real. First you have this phenomenal young lady drive all the way from VA to NC to present you with her first novel. Now this. Seriously! C-O-M-E O-N!

Love it!

You're the man! And they're the school!

(The "2nd" school even! And I was so pleased to see a Baptist church/school actually admit to being the 2nd...I'm always wondering where all the Second and Third Baptist Churches in a town--I'm like, "There's got to be more than one here!" Good for them for owning it! Rock on!).


Christopher Hopper said...

PS - The special effects in the beginning are stellar, too!



Shane Deal said...

I once went to a Second Baptist that admitted it. Still admits it last I knew. My current church is First Baptist, but in a different town. That church is turning into a Calvary Chapel however so it's not going to remain First Baptist.

therosepatch said...

I, too, liked the special effects at the beginning :)

Amy Browning said...

Wow Wayne! Whenever I check in after an absence to the net, I'm pleased to read all the positive work God's doing in your life.


p.s. - Check out my latest post over at PoD.

Anonymous said...

*claps* That was beautiful! *claps some more*

Anonymous said...

That was cool! They did REALLY well and the "Riigghhhtt" thing was exactly what I imagined. From what I saw, you did too huh, Wayne? I also liked the 'adventures are funny things' at the end. Champion job!