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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Children of Hurin Ch. 6

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Amy Browning said...

It's so funny because here we see Turin joining a group of outlaws and then he gets all upset by their behavior toward the upstanding citizens. What did he expect among men like these?

He chooses a name for himself that ironically is unneccesary. His leaving was not warrented and now he's living among criminals.

He quickly gains entry into the gang of Men and not too surprisingly he soon becomes their leader.

Beleg's seach for Turin speaks volumes of a friend whom desserves absolute loyalty, yet recieves complete resistance. What is up with Turin? He's crazy to stay and lead a gang of outlaws rather than rejoin the ranks of Elves who call him family.

I'm having trouble reading his actions. He seems so hard-headed and stubborn - but not for the good of himself or others. Does he forsee this situation as one that will lead him to his destiny and conquer Morgoth? To me, it seems like he's left the one place where he could gain strength, knowledge and numbers to actually defeat Morgoth, and instead taken a small, disorganized group of criminals who really have no loyalty to him nor his cause.

Melian's gift to Beleg was touching and a loving extension of her care for Turin.