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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Door Within Trilogy, Author's Cut

by Biff Newsbreaker

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA--Researcher Jackson Smythe purchased the 40 year old, single family home on the banks of Bayou George, he expected some surprises. "Spiders, snakes, an occasional gator," says Smythe. But he never expected what he found in the basement of the house. "The place was a wreck. Tools, scrap wood, mason jars full of nails and screws. So I was straightening up down there, and I heard a strange sound. It was kind of like a whoosh, followed by a whip crack." That was when Smythe realized there was something else in his basement. "A clay pot," says Smythe with an infectious grin. "Just standing there in the middle of the floor as if it had always been."

When Smythe attempted to open the clay pot, it shattered revealing three ancient scrolls. And ancient is the right word. Scientists have determined that the three parchments date back to the first century. But the contents of the scrolls are the most shocking development. "These scrolls," claims Smythe, "are the Lost Scrolls of Alleble!" Experts agree. "It has been widely postulated," explains Dr. Michelle Black of The Integrity Institute, "that the original source documents: The Door Within, The Wyrm Lord, and The Final Storm Scrolls are incomplete. Gaps in the histories recorded, mentions of other people and places, but no development. We believe that Mr. Smythe's discovery will complete the knowledge base."

While the so-called "Lost Scrolls of Alleble" have been questioned by some skeptics, followers of King Eliam here on Earth are ecstatic. "The best adventures never end!" exclaimed a gleeful Austin Roenicke of Santa Monica, California. "Never alone!" agreed Samantha Knowles of Seabrook, Maryland. Coast to coast, the Lost Scrolls are making a big splash.

I'm excited to announce that I've just completed the Lost Scrolls for the new Door Within Trilogy Paperbacks. These new editions of The Door Within, The Rise of the Wyrm Lord, and The Final Storm will be designed like the Director's Cut DVDs of favorite movies. The books will be longer, @ 25 pages on average and will include, deleted chapters, extended scenes, author and editor commentary, and even new bonus material written especially for fans.

Here's a breakdown of what Door Within readers can expect:


Release Date: April 10th


Deleted Chapter: Original Chapter 1, where Aidan learns that his family will leave their lifetime home in Maryland to move to Colorado. And something startling happens in Aidan's room.

Deleted Chapter: Original Chapter 2, where readers meet Robby, Aidan's best friend, and follow he and Aidan on a local adventure.

Deleted Chapter: Original Chapter 3, where readers will begin to understand Aidan's fear of the underground. Something alarming dwells in Robby's basement!

Deleted Chapter: Original Chapter 4, where readers witness Aidan's departure from Maryland. If you've even had to move and left dear friends behind, you will SO connect to this chapter.

Author and Editor Commentaries


Release Date: June 5th


Deleted Chapter: Original Chapter 1, where readers can follow Antoinette Lynn Reed as she explores the landscape of a nightmare.

Extended Chapter: Original Chapter 2, Aidan's first day of high school where he finds himself coming face-to-face with the Trench Coat Clan, and their leader, the mysterious Blue-eyed Microscope.

Extended Chapter: Original Chapter 4, where readers will meet Aidan's peculiar new teachers and discover how his faith in King Eliam changes the way Aidan lives on Earth.

ALL NEW MATERIAL: Remember the feast in Queen Illaria's Castle? In the published version of Wyrm Lord, readers don't get to experience much of the festivities. Now, readers will see the infamous belching contest between Mallik and Sir Rogan. And best of all, learn how Farix, the most mysterious member of The Twelve, came to Alleble--an adventure you won't want to miss.

Author and Editor Commentaries


Release Date: August 7th


Extended Chapter: Original Chapter 20, for the first time, readers will learn how Paragal gathered a secret army to overwhelm The Elder Guard on the night of The Betrayal.

Extended Chapter: Original Chapter 21, readers will remember Kaliam and Merewen's marriage, but never were able to see Kaliam's romantic (if clumsy) proposal. Learn one of Kaliam's most guarded secrets.

Extended Chapter: Original Chapter 31, where readers will experience the full wedding ceremony and celebration as Kaliam and Merewen marry, even as the final storm approaches.

ALL NEW MATERIAL: Ever wonder what your favorite characters were up to while Aidan, Antoinette, and Robby were not in The Realm? In this double-length chapter, readers will go on an adventure to the chilling world of Frostland. Something has been hunting in the forests there, and it's up to Nock and Mallik to do something about it.

Author and Editor Commentaries

The Door Within Lost Chapter Editions are now available for preorder in all bookstores and on most online booksellers.


everlastingscribe said...

'Bout ruddy time. I'm getting eaten alive thankyou very much.

"Is it out yet? Is it out yet? Is it out yet?"

Okay, so half of those 'is it out yet' are mine. Still, :-D good to have dates.

amy said...

I'm so excited! It'll be so fun to read the story how it was written before some of the cuts were made.

chrisd said...

How cool is that! I loved the teaser--it's cute!

WayneThomasBatson said...

I'm going as fast as I can, M'lady. These things take time, you know. LOL

'opefully it'll be worth the wait, eh?

everlastingscribe said...

Always worth the wait!

:-D But TN spoiled the fans (and used the poor author most cruely) by putting all three out in a single year. Usually, there's a year between. And then fans still froth and foam. I think authors are NEVER going to be able to write fast enough for readers. What a lovely problem to have.