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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Door Within Trilogy Trailer!

Book Trailers seem to be gaining popularity. A Barnes and Noble CRM once told me that most big chain bookstores will be installing large, flatscreen TVs that do nothing but run loops of book trailers all day long!

I've been a big fan of Apple's iMovie for quite some time. It has some remarkable applications for authors--esp. for the aforementioned book trailers. The way iMovie integrates with other software: LiveType (for titling), Soundtrack and iTunes (for music), and iPhoto (for still shots and artwork) is nothing short of amazing. I spent most of last spring creating a full length Door Within video trailer. I took the video with me to the International Christian Retailers Show and we displayed it on TVs on the floor while I did signing. Surprising me completely, Tommy Nelson liked it enough to offer to put it on some of their DVDs.

Of course, my video was 7 minutes! :-0

They had their most excellent video guy trim and revise to make it a 90 sec. spot. This is what you see here on the right. And now, with the addition of sites like YouTube and MySpace, you have marvelous forums to promote your books.

Let me know what you think of the trailer.

Then, as a side issue--what do you all think about MySpace? It has some awful stuff on it--racy ads and such. And there have been far too many stories about predators lurking on such sites or teens using it in less than savory ways.

But…that said, it offers some amazing possibilities to reach people with your books. Like the Internet in general, it seems like a vessel that can be used for good or ill. What do you think?


Spy Scribbler said...

Because the side column insists on being only so big, and your youtube frame is bigger than that, I can't see two-thirds of the youtube screen while playing the video!

I'm on myspace. I haven't quite figured out what one does on myspace, except perpetually add friends, LOLOL.

Spy Scribbler said...
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WayneThomasBatson said...

Bummer about the screen being cut off. I've logged in on several computers and haven't had that problem. Hmmm...

And truly, I haven't messed around on MySpace long enough to know what it really has to offer. But, I do know that you can do most anything you can do on a blog--post, reply, invite, add photos, videos, etc.

Anonymous said...

Love the trailer but I'd really like the see the full 7 minute one you did. :)

I'm on MySpace too and like Spy all I pretty much do is perpetually add friends. Like my sister and my cousins.

The thing is with MySpace and people's idea that they'll reach a 'new market' or 'wider audience' doesn't really fly with me. I think that most times people are going to be searching for what they know and already like. For instance, I've got friends on my list that are music artists and authors I already know and like. I've had add requests from other artists and authors within the same genre but I've almost always said no after checking out their pages.


Well, I don't buy or listen to music or read books by people I don't already know unless they are recommended by people I already know. Or people that have my same general set of values. I figure that if someone I already admire is recommending something I'll like it too.

In the same way I almost always deny new friends if they are not people I know I almost always listen or read things recommended by people I already know and trust.

For instance Wayne, I read your books based on the recommendation of the CSFF and I greatly enjoyed them. As a result I'm most likely read a book that you suggested as something you liked, as well as ANY future work you did in the fiction publishing world, even if it was a different genre.

Not sure if that makes sense and I'm not even sure if most people 'work' like that.

But there you go, for what it's worth. :)

WayneThomasBatson said...

Tina, that totally makes sense. Most readers probably value word of mouth more than any other source for book recommendations.

I think something like MySpace might be more for product awareness. IE, letting others know your book is out there and that it fits into a certain genre.

Like traditional ads, you may not make a decision to run out and buy the book when you see it the first time. But the title, cover, or author might become familiar enough that the next time you are bookshopping, you might buy.

Debatable…oh yeah. That's why the marketing gurus get paid the big $$$. ;-)

Unknown said...

Cool Trailer! Too bad that the rest got cut off. I was looking at your bio on your website and i saw that you live in Eldersburg, thats really weird because i live in sykesville! And i was just wondering if their were any book signings in the sykesville/eldersburg area coming up becaus i just finished the "The Final Storm! Cool Book! Thanks


Josh said...

your trailer is awesome and for my views on myspace it is okay. I only talk to my friends, plus i am still getting used to it even though i have had one for a year.

ps: i just finished the final storm and it was great i can only hope for more


WayneThomasBatson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Josh. And glad you like The Final Storm.

I haven't been too active on MySpace so far. I hate the ads that pop up everytime I go there. I don't need that kind of imagery.