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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour Update: Hold on to your hats, folks...

Another update? You might be looking at the calendar and thinking, "Oh, the Tour's over." Well, that's what I thought. God {who is in the habit of doing so} had other ideas.

My agent, Gregg Wooding, calls in the middle of our last Tour Signing at the Timeless Treasures Store in downtown Manhattan. "Wayne, you might want to sit down," he says.

"I saw it, Gregg," I say, misunderstanding him. "The Washington Post put the Christian Fantasy article on the front page--my book Isle of Swords, right there on the front page."

He pauses, "Uh, yes, that was great, but there's more."

Stunned silence.

"Fox News just called. They want you to stay in New York so that they can have you as a guest on Fox and Friends, Friday morning 6:45 am."

More stunned silence, punctuated by rapid heart rate and shortness of breath.

This is real. God is making me into one of the small stones that starts an avalanche in the mountains. It's happening. Adventures are funny things...they may appear down a seldom trodden path or even arrive with...a phone call. But they always begin with the unexpected.

So, my friends and family I beg you for this:

Emergency Prayer Request

Please pray that I would speak the words God wants me to speak. Please pray that I could be a spokesperson for God's agenda and not my own. Please pray that I do not develop lockjaw, strep, or some other such thing.

Funny thing: I'm sitting here now, in a little business lounge high in the skyscraping Hotel Pennsylvania deep in the heart of New York City. I'm now committed to being apart from my family for another two days. I miss my wife and my children. My Tourmates, Christopher Hopper, Bryan Davis, and Sharon Hinck have all gone home. I miss them already.

I am a very little man in a great big city. But I am not alone.

I am never alone.


therosepatch said...

WOW! That's awesome!! I hope I get to see the broadcast, I'll just have to figure out what channel it is...

I know the feeling. I felt the same when I left y'all on Sunday. I missed you all already and I felt lonely, and I've felt that way all week now. But you're right, "Never Alone."

I've decided, I'm reading TDW as soon as I finish The Restorer (which is really good!!).

Love you tons! Good luck, and I'll be praying!

Unknown said...

I'll definitely be praying! I saw this and I was amazed that God has done this. This is a real good opportunity to tell even more people about Christian Fantasy especially so close to the release of the final book of one of the most popular fantasy series of this millennium I so understand the lockjaw and stuttering! I would be like a deer in headlights if i were on tv. A good tip is not to think about the fact you are on tv. Just have faith that God will give you the words he wants you to say. I'll definitely be watching. This gives me good reason to show my one non Christian friend who hopefully will read these awesome books! I'm rereading The Final Storm right now! Even more awesome the second time. I'll be praying! God Bless! Never Alone!

Anonymous said...

That is sooooo cool!
I'll be praying!

Astral Pen said...



*Ahem* Pardon my exuberence.

Wow Wayne, to get on Fox and Friends, talk about incredible. Sometimes that show gets higher ratings than morning shows on regular broadcast networks. Divine intervention, no? I'll have to fire up my VCR. I'll be with you in prayer since I can't be there in person.

- Jason

WayneThomasBatson said...

Thanks for the prayers. Please keep'emcoming!

Roheryn said...

Awsomeful! Even though I was there when ya got the call!
I'll be Anxiously awaiting the broadcast... even if I'm only taping it, not going to be up that early...

I'll be praying!

therosepatch said...

I will make a point to get up early enough - I just have to find out what channel FOX is on. I don't watch TV much *shrugs*

Besides, I don't know how to program my brother's VCR to record it ^_^

Christopher Hopper said...

Hey buddy...

Just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you. I know we're all back home now, but we are right there with you in spirit. As Jenny and I watched you waltz down 33rd St., I just thought, "There goes greatness." Not because of you, but because of Jesus in you.

Got done posting a comment on the WP site. Decided to stay away from the intolerance of the "intolerant identifiers," and stick more with the wonderful families across the US that showed us the true will of the people. What support! Also wrote you up on my site, and now hitting the newsletter!

We are praying for you and can't wait for Friday morning.

Never alone.


Valerie Comer said...

Father God, I lift my brother Wayne up before you. I pray that in this day between that you will grant him time before your throne, that he will know your peace. Father, you have chosen him to be your emissary on Fox and we pray before you, asking that you will grant the right words, the right pauses, the right facial expressions...that Wayne's love of you and your word and YOUR WORK in his life and ministry will shine out.

You have set this up before the foundation of the world. You have chosen him for this moment. Lord, the evil one would like to see Wayne flat on his face--to see you, God, flat on YOUR face--but we know that you have the power to overcome, and that Wayne can tap into it for YOUR honor and YOUR glory.

Father, please give Wayne rest and peace and health and wisdom. He is in your hands--not because *I* place him there but because he has placed himself there, because you have promised to hold him if he trusts in you. He's yours, Father. Please use him.

In Jesus' name, amen

therosepatch said...

AMEN! I'll be praying for you, m'lord!

Stephen Dean said...

This is awesome indeed! I need to get my review of The Door Within up on Amazon and other places. People are going to be Googling my favorite fantasy author. Geesh, that doesn't sound too healthy.

Anyway, great news and I can't believe I'm going to be up that early in the morning. But for you, it's all good. :-)

Cara Putman said...

We will pray for you. What a great opportunity!

Anonymous said...


chrisd said...



Will definitely be praying and watching for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wayne. It was so nice to meet you and your daughter this week. I'm thrilled that CJ (Roh) has met such positive, gentle role models. I know that knowing you and the others has made her faith stronger and more real. Unfortunately, our church membership has dwindled to the point of "closing our doors", probably sooner rather than later. Hopefully, I can get her back on track with that somewhere else. Meanwhile, just reading your books and the others will keep her faith on track and I'm thrilled she can call all of you her "friends." God bless you and you'll do great tomorrow morning because you have God as your 'pilot.'

D.O.G.S. of Pray said...

Hey Wayne,
Just saw your interview on Fox & Friends. D.O.G.of Pray are praying for you Bro! You did an awesome job. We are sure that God is pleased. It's time the world found out the Christians are as talented as anyone else and have great stories to tell. God's word will go forth in a new light that the whole world can understand. Send us your my space page. We looked but could not locate it. Or you can visit us at It will send you to our my space. We have had over 113,000. plays as of this week. We just signed a record deal with a great company and are awaiting mastering of our debut CD. It's amazing how God is using us all to accomplish His goals. God speed our Brother! Keep in touch.
Henley, Bobbi, Eddie, Tom, Eric, and Doug.
D.O.G.S. of Pray
(Disciples Of God's Son)