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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour Report, Day 10: Brooklyn Part 2 & Washington Post Article

New Tour Video, click HERE!

The Washington Post article is in today's paper. And get this, my book cover is on the FRONT page! God is electric good. Please check out the article by clicking HERE.

Or, visit:

The article is VERY positive about the Christian Fantasy genre, but doesn't mention Bryan Davis, Sharon Hinck, or Christopher Hopper by name. I am SO bummed about that because these wonderful authors are friends of mine. And without their passion--without Christopher Hopper's publisher Pam Schwagerl pouring her life and resources into the Tour, there wouldn't have been a Tour...and therefore, there wouldn't be anything newsworthy.

Nonetheless, God will work all things together for good. After this Tour, that is one thing I can say with certainty.

Oh, and about the Tour: Brooklyn

We met so many great folks at the Timeless Treasures store. One cool visitor gave us time for a little video interview. When asked why she doesn't read secular fantasy, she responded, "That stuff is crap." Christopher, I hope you got that. Please, tell me you got that. ;-)

{Sigh} Mixed emotions as the Tour comes to an end. One more stop to come. Much more later.


Unknown said...

This article was interesting, seeing how Christian fantasy is receiving more reception. Yet you are right where was the mention of Bryan Davis, Sharon Hinck, and Christopher Hopper. Well at least there was an article in a major newspaper talking about the tour. It is good to see for example your books being put on display with other Fantasy books in a section marked What to read while waiting for Potter? Also I've seen Donita K. Paul's books put on display in Border's Christian Fiction section. All of this is a sure sign of the amazing things God is doing with the genre.

Anonymous said...

That was a fantastic article, Wayne! Thanks for the link. I'm sorry it didn't mention Sharon, Bryan and Chris, too, but it was still like music--pleasant and refreshing and welcome.

Thanks for working so hard to promote the genre of fantasy. I believe it will be used mightily by the Lord in the days to come.

Many blessings--