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Friday, July 20, 2007

There and back again... (To borrow a phrase)

The Fantasy 4 Fiction Tour has come to an end. And coming from the author who wrote: Adventures are funny things...they always begin with the unexpected, you'd think I'd know by now that God is in the business of doing the unexpected.

Who knew that by the end of this Tour, The Washington Post would interview me and smack the story on the front page? Who knew that Fox News would see the article and invite me to appear on the nationally televised Fox and Friends show? Who knew that the four authors, from four denominations and four different publishers would become lifelong friends? And who knew a young lady would visit me at a Tour stop and show me once and for all that my stories are being used by God to change lives? Who knew?

God knew.

I am so glad for the technology that allowed us to write about our experience and show you through the Hoppers' fabulous films. You've all seen what God has done. The Revolution in the arts has begun. Are you seeking God's will for your place in it? What story have you to tell? What song have you to sing? What image will you paint (or render)? We can no longer let the world dictate to us what quality art can be. We need to blaze the trail. Are you ready? I am.

Here are the Final Tour Videos:

I'd like to close by rewriting the ending of my favorite fantasy tale. I'm superimposing the adventure I've just returned from. I hope you don't mind my borrowing from the Professor.

But to Sir Wayne the afternoon deepened to a hazy gray as he stood at the Haven, just around the bend from their final event. And as he looked down the traffic-choked network of streets, through the teeming crowds, and up between the towering structures that scraped the sky, he thought he caught a glimpse of something heavenly. There he stood far into the afternoon as his fellow adventurers moved their baggage from one place to another. Then all at once, the four of them knew the time had come. The elf-lord, Bryan, so aloof at times--and careful--but possessing an inner strength to topple strongholds...he stood like a statue, but there was a knowing look in his eyes--a wistful recognition of all they'd been through. Lady Sharon, the tender swordmaiden, skilled with herbs and things of comfort and healing--she gave to all such gifts as she could, but none more precious than the breath of encouragement to a downcast heart. The effervescent, Sir Christopher, darted to and fro crushing all in bear hugs, professing love and truth to all who would dare believe.

Sir Wayne let the moment wash over him, but too soon his companions of a fortnight had all gone their separate ways. But Sir Wayne flew home, and as he strode up the driveway, he saw that there was yellow light and a fire within. The afternoon meal was ready, and he was expected. And Mary Lu drew him in and set him in a chair, and put little Rachel upon his lap.

He drew a deep breath. "Well, I'm back," he said.


Pais Charos said...

That was so sweet! I know what scene that was! It was originally Sam, my favorite character in all of LOTR!

Bryan the elf-lord? *bursts out laughing* We tease him so much cause he looks like Elrond.

And it's good to know that you've arrived home safely. *Hugs*

everlastingscribe said...

I'm glad you're safely home too. :)

Justin B. said...

I love LOTRs. Sorry for my obsession! I am high on adrenaline right now! I just got back from Borders to get eh last Harry Potter book! Oh and I recommended Door Within to 10 people and I started up a discussion about Christian fantasy with other Harry Potter lovers! It was so sweet for that was God's duty for me in the crowd for Harry Potter. Well gtg start reading the book! Anyways Congrats to you again on your successes. Many are telling me in my inner family, that your interview was very good. This week is one that will never be forgotten! God is so amazing. i love him so much! God bless WTB! Never Alone!

Kare Alethieas said...

*sighs* Beautiful ending, Mr. Batson.

At least 'tis not the end. The Grey Havens may have come, and this tale may have ended, but only so that a new one could begin.

Another There and Back Again story.

Anonymous said...
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Brett said...

*sniff* I love happy endings! I got the same emotion from reading those last lines just as I did reading the real pages from LoTR. Quite fantastic... :)

Valerie Comer said...

I'm glad your home safe, sound, and...challenged! AMEN brother.

Roheryn said...

That was sweet. and I 'gree with Pais... I laughed at the Bryan the elf-lord part...

hope ya had a great trip home